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what is the fall of the house of usher about? what happens in it?

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2003


umm, read the book/ story!

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2003

It is about a old house that contains many eerie vaullts and cells. There is a man who lived there with his sister but the sister died. His close friend came to live with him and suppoet the man. One nigth there was noises down below the sister was coming back from the dead but she had been buried alive. she killed her brother an then died.

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2003

it is about a man that goes crazy after loosing his sister to a terible diseas that even the doctors cannot find a cure for. Anyway Ushers friend comes to stay with him and his sister dies. Or they think she dies. One night thhe friend hears strange noises and usher is going cray saying I knew I could hear her crys.She was not died but only in a coma. She gets out of her cofin and she kills her brother and the friend gets away and the house falls down.

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2003

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