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I made a VCD with toast on a MAC. It plays fine on a dvd desktop player and in Quicktime, windows media player ect.

My friend who has a CD burner (Sony Vaio) tried to copy the file from my disc and burn it to a CD with Window media.

The media plays on the computer but not on the DVD player. What do we need? I don't have the originals handy, they are on tape and I would have to load them and re cut the demo reel

Thank You


-- joe (, May 01, 2003


Some DVD players won't play burnable media (CD-R/CD-RW). A few sold in the US by Toshiba (there may be others) have been confirmed to not play VCD at all on any media. Your best bet is to go to the DVD Player Compatibility List at and see what it says about your player. You may have to buy another DVD player if you want to watch homemade VCDs on it.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), May 02, 2003.

I'm sorry if I wasn't clear.

I have a source VCD that does play on a DVD player from that source VCD I made a copy and burned it to another VCD it's that VCD that doesn't play on the same DVD player that was able to play the source VCD.

It's like I made a dub from a VHS to VHS and the new VHS won't play

-- joe (, May 02, 2003.

Try copying it with CloneCD. This programme copy will be exactly as the original cd.


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