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Can anyone help me in the wiring for DCC of a double junction - that is, using two left hand turnouts, side by side and a crossover to allow a double track to become two diverging double tracks.

I am using Peco Finescale Code 75 with Electrofrogs. Each turnout has a wire from the turnout which connect together all the four rails at the frog. I have "doctored" the turnouts in accordance with recommendations from this web site.

The crossover has four wires protruding - two connect together the four rails at the frog at each end of the crossing; the other two connect together two of the rails at each end, whilst there is internal wiring within the crossing connecting the other two rails.

I am using Tortoise motors with the 8 connectors.

Can I do the wiring with just two Tortoises, or do I need three? How, and to where, are the wires from the crossover and the turnouts connected?

-- Mike Sanders (mike@bvdirect.co.uk), May 01, 2003

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