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Why doesn't the Australian Government support a public newspaper in the same way it supports the ABC?

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2003


I agree with you Miranda, it is an idea worth considering.

But unfortunately it will never happen for two reasons, 1. because this government is ideologically opposed to public ownership, and 2. because this government would not want to upset Rupert Murdoch by competing with his newspapers.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2003

Dear Miranda, It's a question I've often wondered about myself. It seems logical that the role of the ABC ie to promote an informed "Australian" culture etc could also be promoted through the press. This could only complement the work of the ABC and make it more effective.

How it would happen, is that firstly it would appear in one of the political parties policy statements. I doubt whether The Liberals would be interested in it for ideological reasons (ie the public/ private ownership aspect). I dont really know if it has appeared in either the Labor, Greens or Democrat policy statements. If it hasn't then that would be the place to begin the public policy development process, ie to develop it from a good/ important idea into public policy funded by government or by a non profit trust or philanthropic body. If you decide to take it up I'd be interested to hear how you go. Regards Robert

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2003

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