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Hello everone Licentiate Danielle Rogers and I would like to anounce the times the chat rooms will be open for the AME Herald on Monday May 5th. We want to let you know now in case you want to email your favorite ame-today discussion board buddies to make sure they log on. I am sure we will have to send Bro. Bill Dickens food every week to help him type;-) Also you might want to share with your church the times the chat rooms are officially open. We do keep the chat rooms open at all times so if you want to make arrangements with friends and colleagues by all means do so and feel free to use the chat rooms. We also have private chat rooms. Now for our east coast family we love you dearly! But not all of us live in the east coast time zone. So we are going to try some things out to accomodate everyone. We HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN OUR CHURCHES IN AFRICA, LONDON, SOUTH AMERICA, HAITI etc. and ask that you email me with times that would work for you. This is all brand new and we will work it out. I think we will have a lot of fun. The times will also be published on Mondays May 5th edition of the Herald. So this is what we are going to start with.

MONDAYS, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAYS 9 PM (Eastern Standard Time) Chat Room

TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS 7 PM (Pacific Standard Time) Chat Room

*Now those in Mountain and Central time zones you will have to adjust according to your time zone. I am in the Mountain Time Zone, we want to make sure those on the west coast will have an opportunity to chat.

The important thing is that we will all be able to chat, we just have to figure out time zone differences. And please AME churches in Africa, London, Canada and other districts let us know what works for you. We will make lots of friends in the chat rooms and forums.

Happy Chatting, these times will be in effect beginning May 5th, 2003

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2003

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