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I just happed to stumble upon this board while looking for various bits of information about peter chung. I'm an animation student whose fatally obsessed with Peter's artwork (like everyone else on the board). Anyhoot, being that your all big fans like me, these links are probably nothing new, but just in case you've been looking for something cool related to Peter, here are a few links:

this is an awesome article written by Peter a few years ago, it pretty much brings me to tears everytime I read it because of how absolutely true it is. I force all my artist/film school friends to read it.

this link is to the Rally's hamburger comercials it also has some images from other comercial work that peter has done.

this link is to an agency that contracts work for Peter, I think. Anyway, if you click on the directors link you will see a list. Click on Peter's name and it has a small Quicktime demoreel of Peter's that is quite interesting.

-- Joshua A. (, April 30, 2003


Another one

(Yikes, I did a lot of interviews this year.)

-- Peter Chung (, May 01, 2003.

I really like that one. The Onion always has the really cool interviews. The last two seemed very similar (Animerica, Newtype), in that the questions the they were asking were very similar, but very informative and entertaining none the less. I laughed at the Animerica interview when you said that you watch anime despite its design and not because of it.

-- Joshua A. (, May 01, 2003.

Thanks for the read, Peter. I'm always interested to know more about the artistic process; defining and then justifying art is an ongoing conflict in my life. This interview's questions seemed more intelligently posed than most.

-- Mat Rebholz (, May 02, 2003.

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