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I appreciate many of you continuing to inquire about what I'm doing. Here's a brief report.

I seem to have three principal activities: the German course, the biography of my mother, and swimming/weight-training.

I am now in the third term of the German course, which continues to be excellent. The only negative this term is that the classes are in the early evening rather than during the day which has required me to adjust my whole daily schedule. Unfortunately, the class is also bigger (15 students) than in the earlier terms (less than 10) but I continue to enjoy meeting new people. I'm finding my hearing more of a problem in the larger class, too. I'm looking into getting an FM system tied directly to hearing aids to help when talking in small groups (as we often do in the class). However, with the out-patient departments in hospitals closed because of SARS, I haven't been able to get an audiology appointment. I'm starting to feel some confidence in my German!

My biography is progressing. I've been working on my mother's last years as I want to contact people who knew her, especially those who were her scientific colleagues, and they are getting old--in fact two of the people I had been in contact with (and hoped to talk to again) died in the last few months. Three weeks ago I finished a draft of the final chapter of the biography and have sent it to 10 former colleagues for their comments.

My workouts at the Y are also going well. I go there about 3 times a week, usually two swims and one weight-traing/conditioning. I'm now swimming in the range of 1300 to 1500 metres each workout.

My to-do lists of other things never seems to shrink. For example, I'm creating newsletters for two organizations--our own condomium corporation and a umbrella group of 14 Yorkville condomium coroporations.

Louise has not been too well--she fatigues easily. Heart surgery is planned but, again because of SARS, her appointments for further preliminary testing have been cancelled. Now that the worst seems over for SARS in Toronto, we hope the surgery can still be done this summer or at least this year. However, there is undoubtedly a huge backload of postponed procedures and operations.

I usually accompany Louise when she goes out. We've recently been to two knitting events--she continues to be an enthusiast about knitting.

I continue to be happy to learn about my former students. It was great to hear about Joyce's baby on the TA forum. I've also learned about other babies and about scholarships and admittance to graduate school directly by e-mail. Let's post more of this on the forum!

With best wishes for spring and summer.


-- Anonymous, April 30, 2003


Well, it is always good to hear what Paul has been doing and I see many familiar names posting their answers. In the past 2 years I have been working, and I am now Program Manager at the Red Door Family Shelter, Queen St. It has been a very rewarding experience. The part of my responsibilities entails contacts with universities and colleges as to the placement of students to do their practicum at the agency. I have visited York this year a couple of times for that purpose.

I have already used up my vacation for this year and went to Europe to a beautiful Adriatic coast of Montenegro. My mother lives there and she asked me about my stats professor that I have been telling her about.

Have a good summer everyone!

Vesna Milinkovic

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2003

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