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Last Thursday a SA judge announced that Winnie Mandela was guilty of 43 counts of fraud and 25 counts of theft of money ($125K) from a women's political group. The judge indicated that the ex-wife of former President Nelson Mandela could be released on parole, contingent on "good behavior", after 8 months and be required to perform community service for the remainer of her term. The controversial ANC activist and self-proclaimed "Mother of the ANC Revolution", is no stranger to the SA criminal justice system having successfully appealed her 1991 jail sentence for kidnapping and assault from the original 6 year jail sentence to a fine!!! For Ms. Mandela and her close associate to deliberately defraud those who she allegedly represents is inexcusable and shameful. If this was a case of a white perpetrator the clarion call would be justifiably loud and long for harsh reprimands, i.e. full prison term. Are poor black SA women somehow benfitted if the origin of the malfeasance is black as oppossed to white? I would like to read comments from our SA AME members about this matter. QED

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2003


Brother Dickens, you asked a tough question. I can only think of another question? The money she is accused of stealing- what did she use it for? Was it for her own selfish purposes, or was it used for some need-herself or others? Although, stealing is wrong, I would not jail anyone (white or black) if they were stealing because of great need (necessities).

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2003

Bro Bill

I don't condone theft and I don't justify the acts of Winnie Mandela. If she has stolen the monsy and there is sufficient evidence that can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she is guilty as charge, then so be it. However, we should realize and I think some people are suffering from amnesia, if they do not recognize the unselfish sacrifices Winnie made for the freedom that both Namibia and South Africa is enjoying today.

When Nelson Mandela left Winnie during the assault charges leveled aginst her, I was dissapointed and sad for I thought that Nelson would recognize the efforts and sacrifices that Winnie made on his behalf, remember the ordeals both had to take because of his call and divine providence set upon him. However, we may not have the information of the bedroom politics, he desserted her the time that the entire world expected that he would stand tall behind her as she did.

Today those women whom Winnie labored for, put her life and dignity for, these are trhe same people that are crucifying her today. Does it sound familiar, sounds more like the Jesus story. Now all I am trying to say is that, when people go through rough pitches in their life, we follow from far like Peter. We don't know the severity of abuse Winnie went through, we have no idea of the psychological impact the victimization, improsenment and torture of Nelson and later Winnie had on them and on their family. But today we are very fast to judge, but the scripture teaches "Ye who has no sin, through the first stone"!!!

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2003

hi fellow AME

i am very touched that our church does not only focus on the bible but it acknowledges that it is part of the world. comming to the question at stake i want to fiest say:

there is AME today because our forbears were fighting for equality wich AMEs will best describe. i think winnie must get the sentence another rank and file member of community was to get if commited a crime of this kind. phambili nge equality phambili

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2003

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