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How would u buld a gocart to handle a 600cc motorcycle engine??? I have a 99 Yahama R6 that was totaled but the motor and wiring is still good,,and i wanna buld a Gocart to handle it any suggestions

-- dANIEL (Koticcivic@AOL.COM), April 29, 2003


It can be done, it just depends how long you want it to last. Make the frame from tube steel, make sure the engine is very securely mounted with extra bracing around rear (where engine is). YOu'll need large drive wheels - regular cart wheels are too small, as I'm supposing you're using the motorcycle's transmission & clutch. Make sure you use wheel bearings that can handle the large load - regular cart bearings won't last. Once you get all this done and you feel a bit suicidal, take off the exhaust and air box, stick on a fat supercharger and run it on 15% nitromethane (glow fuel). My 180cc hand built cart is soon to be running that exact setup.

-- bucky smith (, April 30, 2003.

We were planning on doing this once, You can get 1 x 1 insch tubing with 1/16 inmch walls for fairly cheap (something like $1.50 a foot) If I were you Id make something bigger than a go-cart something half and half, we wer planning on making it big enough to be comfortable, email me if yo wnat some more info, i have tons, plus a plan on how to make a shifter for the stock tranny. HAND SHIFTER

-- same (, May 11, 2003.

Hey man, I have worked at Yamaha Motor Canada for about 6 years now. Yamaha donates R6 and R1 motors to schools and colleges across the country and around the world. As for your question,most of theses engines are built into monoqueque chassis similar to formula 1 cars. However we have experimeted with different frames and materials for these engines. The most sutible materal to handle the high twisting forces of theses engines is chromoly tubing. Cromoly tubing can take extreme twisting and tensile forces without breaking or deforming. As for the drive make sure it is of the same grade as the motorcycle and try to use roller bearings werever possible. Make sure that you have extremly relible brakes, i suggest you use the two discs of of the front of the bike for your cart. E-mail me if you would like some of the plans that we used or if you want some more ideas. P.S don't listen to the nitro methane guy, a 4 stroke 4 cylender bike engine will not stand running without an exhaust or an air box as this will create a lean conditon, never mind running nitromethane.

-- Dave (, May 14, 2003.

Yes listen to the guy above do not run methane and DO NOT go without the exhaust and the air box that equals trouble and can fuk ur engine all up. im kinda doin the same thing but i am putting a 1984 kawasaki 400xxx on my cart it has 3 cyclenders 3 separate carborators its a 2 stroke 3 separate exhaust pipes im gonna try mounting it on a regular cart frame i will have to make new mounts but thats a sinch

-- Joseph (, May 26, 2003.

ok first of all you can do whta every you like with the exhuast on a 4 stroke 600cc it will only make it go faster the bigger it is. it may be true to not mess with 2 stroke exhuast and thats because we have no valves to move the exhaust and the glow fuel is iffy if you run it by itself i can garuntee youll blow the head gasket and porbaly your clutch from the load.. and by the way im 15 :) have a nice day

-- Peteson (, June 25, 2003.

u would probably want some kind of exhaust to get it away from the motor but all you would need is a straight pipe do not worry about the muffler "oh and it would make it sound a lot better with just straight pipe" oh and as long as u r not in a lot of dust u can take off the air box but remember to leave on the filter on "w/out the box it alows the engine to get more air"

-- dakota king (, July 10, 2003.

Well I can tell you that bucky smith (, comment on April 30, 2003, is out of his mind. First of all, 15% Nitro costs $20.00 a gallon, second, it will overheat and probly blow up your engine, not to mention predetonation, carb and spark problems. So anyways, Im thining about using my GS 550 inline four for a mad gocart engine. If anyone has setup pics or plans, please e- mail them to me at, it might help the process get going. I would think the clutch and head gasket would be fine...the engines are designed to run a 500 pound bike, with average 180 pound rider, 150 pound passanger, (up to 250 pound fat@ss riders, lol), but still were talkin a 830 pound load. For a small 2 seater gocart it wouldnt be hard to keep it under 500 pounds(obviously including engine. By the way, does anyone know how much an average 550 four cyl engine weighs?

Lata guys, -Mike

-- Mike D (, July 17, 2003.

I'm also thinking of playing this game. I've got a CB650 engine from a bike that "can't" be registered. I can't decide whether to go for a on road of off-road vehicle. If anyone wants offroad pics, do a search for "mini baja". I'm involved in a team from my varsity. These things use vary low powered engines and I'm thinking of making a kickass version of these. Depending on how much you love your engine, you can run it on almost anything...I once ran my 400 on a mixture of thinners and parafin. It went like a R1 for about 10 min. I don't advise this though. Exhaust wise: one can run a bike engine without an exhaust, but a bit of backpressure doesn't hurt and will prevent your valves being exposeed to cold air and possible dammage.

-- Michael (, July 23, 2003.

I too would be VERY interested in seeing any plans or preliminary ideas for making this a reality. I have been fortunate enough to have a friend that just picked up a Hyabusa (sp.?)(1300cc motor) from a wreck with a perfect engine. This motor WILL be going into something that I'm going to be using for an auto-crossing monster, and just all-around "fun-cart". PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE e-mail me with any plans that you may have to help me get started with ideas, and a way to mount this monster, and in such a fashion that it'll be driveable.

Thanks guys! -Mark D.

-- Mark D'Amico (, July 28, 2003.

ps... Myself and a few other "suspension geeks" from the auto-x'ing club up here in CT are all putting our heads together to come up with a suspension for that friggin monster 'tard-cart/suicide mobile.

-- Mark D'Amico (, July 28, 2003.

I think the guy suggesting no intake or exhaust w/ no2 is bent on suicide. Why would you need no2 on a 600cc go-cart? I had a 10hp cart that I clocked at over 70mph... and I weigh 180lbs.

If anyone finds any plans for a mid-engine frame/cage please let me know. I'm looking at building a cart from a 96' CBR engine and gearbox.

-- Or-Or (, July 30, 2003.

I been researching this for some time and have found some useful information from these guys who race micro-sprints. A micro-sprint is a scaled down sprint car but uses either a 250 or 600cc motorcycle engine. You can go to a site like and get shafts, axles, shifting linkages, brake linkages... You would just have to build the frame yourself or modify an existing kart frame. I've also found that Hoosier makes some good 8, 10 and 13 inch tires that would work. Its just hard to find rims that don't cost $200 each. If anyone has any thoughts on frame design I would be glad to trade ideas.

-- (, August 31, 2003.

I don't know if you have heard of the formula SAE competition, but I think that might be what the Yamaha guy is talking about. The Society of Automotive Engineers puts on a competition for colleges each year to do exactly what you're attempting. 140 colleges design and build small racecars/go carts with 600 cc engines. The max is 610 cc, but most teams use 600 cc motorcycle engines. I just talked to a member from Purdue University's team (hopefully I'll be a member soon) and he said that their car tops out at about 90 mph, gear limited. I think acceleration for the cars is somewhere on the order of four point-something 0-60 mph - not as fast as the motorcycle, but not slow. The guy I talked to said that he thinks the texas team, with aerodynamic downforce, can pull about 2 G's. Some of these cars have monocoque chassis, but I think most use some sort of tubular metal. I think an average team to design and build one these cars over a school year is somewhere on the order of 15-35 people, so a lot of time is put into these. These are cars powered by 600 cc engines, and are being built in many different ways all around the world. You can find more info by searching for Formula SAE.

-- Kevin G. (, September 07, 2003.

hey my names Ashton and im 15 yrs. old a recently talked to friend of mine about splitting the cost of a V-twin 135 hp. chopper engine and modifying a frame to an f1 car type deal. i would like suspention on all wheels and two wheel rear wheel drive. but i cant figure out the supetion or drive setup. if any one has plans PLEASE help. email me at thanks

-- Ashton James Picas (, September 08, 2003.

hey my names Ashton and im 15 yrs. old. i recently talked to friend of mine about splitting the cost of a V-twin 135 hp. chopper engine and modifying a frame to an f1 car type deal. i would like suspention on all wheels and two wheel rear wheel drive. but i cant figure out the supetion or drive setup. if any one has plans PLEASE help. email me at thanks

-- Ashton James Picas (, September 08, 2003.

Whoops sorry

-- Ashton James Picas (, September 08, 2003.

If anyone has any plans i would like to build something too email me plans please 99 951cc sea doo motor

-- chris (, September 08, 2003.

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-- jon butcher (, September 08, 2003.

First of all you would start with a design process and look at what you are willing to spend. Working from the budget you can start sculpting ideas for your frame. The most efficient way of designing a frame is drawing with a CAD program such as Pro Engineer. Although you may lack the resources for using such a program a pencil, straightedge and paper will suffice. I have been working on the SAE Formula cars for the last year now and that is what we had to do because of our lack of knowledge using cad programs to design and test the frames. I would recommend using two 2X3 square tubing pieces as framerails to make sure the chassis deflection is minimum. After the framerails are laid weld in tubing to create a ladder frame. Try and box in around the engine that is lay the tubing perpendicular to the framerails and spacec them only to the edge of the engine dimensions. There is much more that you could do for a frame but i hope that gets anyone started. If anyone has any questions feel free to email me. Thanks

-- adam (, September 10, 2003.

when designing the frame make sure you double check all of your load paths and have the frame members meet at nodes. also make sure that you have adequate support for your engine mounts. i have been on the ohio state fsae team ( for a number of years spending most of my with engine devolpment. there are many good pictures, that may give you some ideas, of our car and other fsae cars at the following address. Our car is on page 1 (doing a burnout) and page 7. ( bin/cgiwrap/formula/imagefolio2.2/imageFolio.cgi?direct=2003 Events/2003 Formula SAE Competition/5-17-03)

-- chris (, September 14, 2003.

our website is, not as was mistyped in my previous post

-- chris (, September 14, 2003.

I am looking to build a micro car that is D.O.T. certified. A.K.A. street legal. I plan to weld up a frame and construct a body. I have found D.O.T. certified tires and rims tat fit an 8" rim. They are available through a search of golf cart part suppliers. The tires are made by goodyear. My search has dried up in the quest for a small rear engine gearbox. I am looking for reverse in addition to 4 forward gears. I found a guy that makes 1/4 scale hotrods that use a V twin engine attached to a homebuilt gearbox. He wanted far too much for what he was supplying. My theory is that if you can make a sand rail street legal then you can make a 750-1100cc large go-kart leagal. It is just a matter of fulfilling state requerments. I will need a small solid gearbox with reverse to make it happen. I want to stay away from a chain driven vehicle. If anyone knows of a website of anyone who has completed this task of building a micro car I would love to see it.

-- Dan (, September 18, 2003.

hey,a buddy and I have a 98 GSXR 600 eng. and tranny. We want to make a go-cart out of it. Anyone with plans or ideas that feels like helping out can email me

btw I am a 5 year architectural graduate with over 7 years of CAD design under my belt, and my buddy is a Civil engineer. So we know a thing or two about how to build stuff.

-- Finnkc (, September 19, 2003.

you could get one of these to put your 600cc engine in!!! They have pictures of Kenny Roberts and Alistair McRae driving sideways...Awesome! check it out

-- watts pilgrimm (, September 24, 2003.

I have been considering this project for a while. I have all parts I just need time to get it together. For those of you who are truley considering this transformation check out this link then go to the gocart and download the vid clip.

-- Mike (, October 01, 2003.

Here's one for you! A friend of mine, that knows I'm looking into this project, sumbled apon this little vid clip. Check it out. Just click on the wmv file and watch what a 600cc engine does to a cart.

-- Mark D'Amico (, October 03, 2003.

Ok nevermind. I see now that the link posted above my reply reffers to the same cart.

-- Mark D'Amico (, October 03, 2003.

I have a 750cc Yamaha Engine with a drive shaft. I'd like to build a cart and keep the engine straight on the frame. Any plans or frame/gearing/axle ideas appreciated. Thanks

-- Ron/Michigan (, October 06, 2003.

I am building a go cart with a yamaha 850cc triple with shaft drive. I am using 1 1/2" 1/8" wall square steel tubing. I'm using the front end of a 85 suzuki quad racer that I cut in half and made it 4 1/2 from wheel to wheel. I think I have an easy idea to change the shaft drive to something usable that is easy. It does however required some machining. If you take off the rear wheel and remove the brake disk, you could easily get a sprocket that would fit onto where the brake disk was. You need to cut off the wheel spokes and have the hub turned on a lathe to make it even. Take and run a chain from this sprocket down to another sprocket that is on your drive shaft. I am going to gear mine so that is about 1/2 the ratio. I am using tires that are as big as the rear wheel already, so I am expecting to go about 60mph top. Doing this takes a bunch of strain off of the clutch which normally would not hold up all that well. And also with street bikes, they are geared high, which will leave you slipping the clutch if you want to go slow for some reason. I would definately leave the airbox and exhaust intact. I used to have a snowmobile engine go cart with a foot long piece of flex pipe for exhaust, and I'm suprised that I can still hear anything. You have more than enough power keeping it stock. If you keep it stock it will last longer. If you want some pics of what I'm doing or some more ideas, E-mail me.

-- Josh McCastle (, October 07, 2003.

Hey, to that guy who said I was out of my mind- yes, you're absolutely correct. Or maybe I've just got massive nuts. BTW get your info correct when you say you can't run the engine without air box or exhaust. Mine's run like that for nearly 3 years, plus I removed the head gasket. And to the guy who thinks nitromethane is no2, try CH3NO2 buddy. Yes, it's expensive, but it's good, and no, the engine doesn't blow up, even with the raised compression. It does spew fire from the exhaust & backfires more than usual, but it hasn't blown up yet. If you want to risk having to rebuild your engine in sooner than you'd like to, then take my advice. I only run my engine like this because I got it for $30. Good day.

-- BuckyThePunk (, October 19, 2003.


-- aditya.a.k (, October 20, 2003.

To the last post: Posting on a message board is pretty easy, if you know how to string together coherent sentances, know basic grammar, and know how to spell common words such as "you". Being able to find the "Caps-Lock" button on the keyboard is also a help. Try running what you've just written through Microsoft Word, using the spelling and grammar checking tool. If you are unsure of the spelling of any word, see I'm certain that if you're well off enough to have a computer and internet acess, your parents had enough money to send you to school. A few typographical errors are acceptable, but illiteracy is not.

-- BuckyThePunk (, October 23, 2003.

P.S you obviously can't read. He said he has a 600cc engine from a 99 Yamaha R6. He knows he needs an engine first - he's got one, if you took the time to actually read his question. And as for "spesification" (sic), he specifies that it will be a go-cart that can handle the 600cc engine. There are no other specifications, he's just looking for suggestions.

-- BuckyThePunk (, October 23, 2003.

I'm currently working on two projects. A super charged go-cart running a 8hp motor. The super charger will be built from a 14b laser turbo, were taking the exaust side of the of turbo off and ataching a drive shaft to drive with a belt. Were looking at about 12-14hp in the end.

Also were building a dune buggy outa a mitsubishi motor from a laser turbo running a 16g turbo on 18psi boost. Shooting for 330hp, but so far looking at around 250-275hp.

-- Towlieee (, October 28, 2003.

I have a 91' banchee with a 94' 600cc inline-4 motorcycle engine in it and trust me if your worried about that engine having power it will... im pushing 120 mph with the biggest sprocket i can get on it so i would deffitly go for it..... all you would basically have to do is make new motormounts and make sure you use good steel. i would say 1/2" square tubing for the bottom half of the mount and put some frame around the engine. i would keep the mufflers on it but get a pair of yoshimura pipes it will sound like a crochrocket... and no you don't need nytromethane just use straight gas

-- Ryan Doles (, October 28, 2003.

Well I'm not makeing a 600cc go-cart but a friend and I were thinking about useing a 305cc motor cycle engine. We want to keep the 5 speed trans on it (4 foward 1 nuetral). It's a dual carb engine and produces 28 horses. It weighs roughly 100lbs with trans(it's out of an old scrambler (cl77). I was wondering if it could be possible to plug it into a go kart frame. I was thinking of getting a go cart off of just a regular go kart track, taking it apart, then redrilling and beefing up the motor mounts. then just useing the old sprocket off of the motorcycle. I'm thinking if we can keep the total weight under 200lbs this beast should do nothing short of fling. Could this work or will i have to build a totaly different frame and buy alot of different parts. The only thing i think we'll need is a beefier braking system but i have no idea where to start. We're looking for speed too with out cuting, taping, or taking away from the engine since it will some day go back in the motorcycle.

-- Daniel (, November 01, 2003.

We race Superkarts. I run a Honda CRF450 engine in it. I have been clocked at over 120 mpg on at VIR. I ran 120 at Daytona in my 125. As anybody here seen that video from Hockenhiem with the GXR Kart? They stuffed a GSXR, either a 600 or a 750 on an old shifter kart and ran it around a sprint track untill they smoked the tires of of it!!!

-- Chris Rhino.. (, November 06, 2003.

how much would it cost can i get someone to write out a ful plan cause i dont know where da fuck to start

-- david guteres (, November 09, 2003.

Formula SAE cars have been doing this exact thing for twenty years. Search "FSAE" in google and you will find 10,000 pages on the topic. Look at about a thousand pictures and build something similar. A good place to start would be some decent 1" or larger OD 1020 DOM steel.

-- nick burgler (, November 13, 2003.

Actually it was an 1100cc GSX-R engine that they used, it says right on the video "1100ccm" CCM = Cubic CentiMeters

I'm about to start a similar project, hopefully I can get support from my college weld/machine shop. I'm a student there and all it would take would be to convince the teach to let me at it. I've got a kart frame already ( ). I wonder if Yamaha would donate a motor/trans/injection setup to me if I got support from my college. That sure would beat the hell out of a Junkyard motor.


-- Isaiah Craig (, November 16, 2003.

hi im 14 yrs old i do this stuff for a hobby. i have 3 go carts, mini monsters, and lowriders i put a small v-6 engine in all of themi used 1 to 1 1\2 in steel tube. i have a low rider one with costom 15in rims it has air bagswith an '03 ford lightning fiberglass body its muffler is costom. my 2 monsters are the same with 24in tires callme 706-660-9881

-- cody cloud (, November 19, 2003.

Just to go back to the "you dont need an airbox" arhument for a minute, I worked with road racers for 10 years and I have a well earnt Phd(Eng) to my credit and I have studied airflow etc., and yes an R6 engine will run without an airbox, but not very well, you see, when a valve opens ans asks for `air` it sucks down a huge chunk of it in a faction of a second (13000 rpm, think about it), this leaves a vacuum and a pressure (shock) wave which has been designe by the million dollar reserch dept. at Yamaha to bounce off the back of the airbox, reflect back just in time to `stuff` another chunk off air into the combustion chamber, this is why airbox size (litreage?) is SO important, its like a small supercharger and without it your going to loose power, no questions asked. If you think about it, an airbox weighs someting (not much admittedly), and do you really think in this day and age that the likes of Yamaha that are obsessed with saving ounces and gaining power on their sports bike are going to miss the cahce to omit an airbox if it doesnt need to be there, it is after all a pain in the bum to incorporate into a compact motorcycle design.

-- KevD (, November 28, 2003.

I am very interested in building a kart. I am trying to obtain a 600cc street bike engine. I was planning on building a kart like those used in the formula sae competitions at colleges since i plan on competeing in those comps once i go to college. (i am 16 and plan on being a mechanical engineer). If you have any advice at all I would greatly appreciate it. I was leaning towards running a rigid with no shocks because im on a short budget here and it looks like im already going to be spending almost a 1000 on the engine. Thanks alot.

-- Kevin (, November 29, 2003.

In response to the argument of "you don't need an airbox" posted by that 13 year old with the "Phd(Eng)". Yes, I'm sure you've got a well "earnt" Phd. Maybe you should think about passing second grade english before you make such bold claims. You can't even SPELL! Eg. you wrote "its like a small supercharger and without it your going to loose power" WTF?? "your going to loose power" that doesn't even make sense. "your" is a posessive pronoun, meaning "belonging to you". I think you needed to use the word "you're" for it to make sense. And as for your knowledge of engineering, it appears as if you read a whole lot of facts from a few motorcycle tuning books, then mixed them all up to produce an argument that sounds vaguely intelligent, but after closer inspection, turns out to be inaccurate. Anyone who's worked on engines will know that at 13000rpm, the worst thing you can have on your engine is an airbox. You want as little restriction as possible at these speeds. The fact is, they've only put so much effort into designing an efficient airbox, is because they want to keep the air clean, and have good air flow throughout the rev range. Take for example mazda's continuously variable length intake on its R26B engine. At high revs the intake is the shortest to provide the least restriction of the air. Sure, it's not a reciprocating engine, but the principle does carry across to some extent. If you take the air box off your yamaha, you'll loose power in the lower revs, but undoubtedly gain some in the 13000rpm rev range. So you can take your Phd and go cry to your mommy. -love, professor Channing

-- Roy Channing (, November 30, 2003.

We design and build supreme race carts if intrested please call 817- 478-0070 carts prof, can email examples

-- wishbone (, December 06, 2003.

For the people looking for a cheap start. I built a cart using a Yamaha golf cart chassis. I bought the entire cart from a Yamaha dealer who had taken this non running cart as a trade (they had many). I paid $100 and it came with just about everything you need in the way of suspension etc. I did however modify the rear and welded in a roll bar and support, before installing a Hondamatic CB400. I used an axle and housing off of an ATV being parted out. The cart was fast, and handled a good roll over, though I did not mean to test my weld job on the roll bar that way. I have pictures of this cart (taken after I rolled it), and would be happy to share them with those who are interested. I am currently working on a mini sand rail that will have a 600 eng. fitted. What I learned from the first cart is, a full roll cage is preferable, and front brakes are a necessity if you are in the hills.

-- Cary (, December 11, 2003.

I am building a cart out of a 125 atv motor, with transmission and would like to also use the brake system. I would appreciate any clues in the right direction, i.e: plans, suppliers and any other use full information. Thank You

-- kevin p lilley (, December 26, 2003.

-- Tost (, January 28, 2004.

-- William Marenich (, February 04, 2004.

Hey, lookin for an engine of any type, if you got one for sale email me. Thanks

-- Doug The Barber (, April 20, 2004.

had a frame from something like a honda odessy but once i saw "drifting" with real cars i wanted to do that. I went and got a 400cc honda 5 speed and designed the whole thing myself, did all the welding and engineering too. I now have a very loud, very very fast go cart that can do burnouts for as long as i want and it can drift sideways with just a little bit of mashing on the gas. i am currently making a body for it and it has some other stuff that will be going on it in a while. i am also considering a small turbo or nitrous kit. e-mail me for pics

-- ryan carr (, May 15, 2004.

Hey guys. Me and a couple of freinds are going to make a some go karts this summer. We are all going to make our own go kart. I plan on going to the junkyard and getting a motercycle motor and putting it on the go kart. The only problem is i dont know what kind of motor to get. A dirt bike motor or a superbike motor or what? Also can you also give me some tips on what parts to get for my go kart and what materials i need.

-- victor (, June 27, 2004.

I need a cheap go-kart engine I have many parts that we could trade if needed (dirt bike tires, tiller frame, 5hp parts, etc...) email me if have any information on engines ,thanks

-- C.J. (, July 16, 2004.

Hey , my name is Reid and i am 17 years old and i was wondering if any one had some plans to make a go-cart not a big one , but big enough so it's comfertable to ride in ,so yea if any one's got some plans could you please send them to me. Thanks

-- Reid (, August 07, 2004.

I'm looking for some suggestions on making a large go cart from a 650cc engine off of a motorcycle. One other thing. The motorcyle ran a drivetrain rather than a chain. Will that effect anything? Anyone have any suggestions, plans, or ideas?

-- David Dawson (, August 14, 2004.

i have a 400cc twin DOHC motor from a old motorcycle...i wanted to find a fourwheeler with no motor and stick it in there but i found out it isnt easy finding now as my last resort i want to build a frame and mayb get some plastic on there...but i dont know exactly how to start ive done alotta dif projects before mini bike go kart 3 wheeler but i dont know how to approach this is a motorcycle frame simular to a atv'z?? would it be better to just start from scratch?? please reply im stuck n id be willing to help you out if i can for ur time thanks

-- Mike (, August 31, 2004.

I am building a kart with a gsx600r engine. I predesigned the frame on solidworks so to get all of the measurements and angles right. I have the entire thing built however am having some trouble with the wiring. If there is anyone out there to help, let me know.


-- Joe Engle (, September 04, 2004.


-- KORI (JDMNEON@HOTMAIL.COM), December 15, 2004.

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