I Need Your Help!!! My Brother Fears for the past three years death do us apart, abused by his wife and son's

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Searching for Jesus Christ Angels! The storie I have to share with you is like a nightmare out of a movie or dream, but it's reality... This nightmare is regarding my older brother who been married to his high school sweetheart from 1975 in Hawaii, and in 1976 after having his first son, he and his family decided to move to Pennsylvania to start a brand new life for him and his family. It wasn't easy for a Hawaiian-Chinese youngmen to move to a all white community called Green County, Pennsylvania... My sister in law, my brothers wife is caucasion, which she had blend right in the crowned, but my brother, has a personality that once you meet him, it's like you've known him for ever, he has always been a good hearted, caring, loving, a very family men who have never hit his three sons at all, he would see someone on the side of the road who have car trouble and he would stop to help, sometimes if he know that you need money, and if he only have $3.00 in his wallet he would just give it to you, and without repaying him back... He had a great sense of humor, everyone just loved my brother, until the nightmare took place last Dec.27, 2002... My poor brother been living in Fear and being Abused by his wife that his been married to for the past 28years and for the past two and half years, his marriage been on the very thin line of death... His wife, has a medical problem with her head like migrans and during this past two years she have struck my brother in the head twice while he was at sleep, then fight with him and then she cut her arms to show that my brother been abusing her and she would call the cops to arrest my brother, while during this late evening at 11pm this is when the real nightmare took place, he woke up and decided to have something to eat, while his wife was watching a talk show regarding of prison guards having affairs with prisoner's , well my brother been working for Waynesburgh Prison for the past ten years, and while he was making himself something to eat, his wife came into the kitchen and started a verbal fight with him, he then turned around and told his wife that, for the past two and half years and even longer, that his marriage with her has been very unhappy, and told her that in two years he will soon retire and after retiring that he plans to move back to Hawaii, and he felt that they should have a divorce, she have been acursing him of fooling around with other womens, when my brother is not that type of men, he has the same vows and respect like our father, which my brother carrie himself with respect in his marriage... After my brother shared his words with his wife, she was so upset, walk behind him and HIT HIM on the head with a rolling pin, then grab her car keys and made a braceknockel and jab him in his eyes, then she pick up a knife and tried to stab him, he then twist her wrist to drop the knife which slide in her hands and she closed her hands cutting her ownself then took the knife and cut her arms and then for the third time as always called the cops to make a charge of my brother abusing her... My brother was so scared, that was the most fears time in my brothers life, he then grab his truck keys and drove to his second olddest sons house for help, his son Sheldon, found his dad at the front door bleeding, which his son tried to help the father, half an hour later, the cops arrived at my brothers sons house to arrest my brother, which this would have been the third faulse arrest that my brother wife done to my brother, at the time of the arrest, my nephew told the trooper to please take his father to emergency, which the trooper told my nephew to not to worry, Well this trooper did not take my brother to emergency and took him in and booked him and waited for their doctors to come in, well, this booking took place at 4:30am and the jail doctors didn't come in until 11:30am, by the time this doctor came to check on my brother, he was lying on the ground with his pool of blood and his head was so large, which they had to lifeflight my brother from Green County to Pittsburgh, Pa to Mercy's Hospital and from Dec. 28, 2002 to March 9,2003, my brother been in ICU and then moved to the Greenry Rehabilitation Center, in Cannonsburgh, Pa, which this place is another nightmare... I lived in Anchorage, Alaska and from the time my brother been in Mercy's ICU to moving him to the Greenry, I've taken cared of him during that time, well my oldder brother came to take over to watch my brother, while a came back to Anchorage to get back to work to make some money and trying to find any help, I've been asking doctor's, organizations there in Pennsylvania, and found that the state of Pennsylvania protect womens 99% then helping mens who been abused. Well, while my brother been in ICU at Mercy's he had three head surgery's and they took 35% of his right side of his brain that made his left side of his body paralyzed, they took his skull out he also had 13 surgery's in body, my brother is never going to be the same... Anyway, back in Feb.2003, my brother made his two youngest sons have the Power of Attorney, which my brother had trust of his two sons Sheldon and Fabian, once Sheldon, became the head Power of Attorney, and his son Sheldon also work at the same Prison with his Dad, and because of the many years my brother worked at the prison, the whole staff member as well the prisoner's all loved my brother, becaused he was a very fair person and never judge you for what you did, but to help you do better... And many of the Staff and Prisoner's that my brother worked with have witness the pain and physical abused that my brother was receiving from his wife... They all advised him to Divorce his wife, but my brother just hang in there just hoping for the best and hoping that things would change... Anyway, the Board of Director's of the Prison, Prison Guards, Special Force Unit, and Prinsoner's had started a fund drive for my brother, which a lot of money was giving to my nephew Sheldon, to be place in my brothers special saving account that my brothers attorney had advised Sheldon, and also told my two brother sons that they are not to use any of their fathers money for any of their personal use, and once money started coming in from friends, families and the Prison, Sheldon, started not showing up to visit his father, I would call my nephew, until oneday, one of the board of directors came to the hospital to visit my brother and started to shared about the donation that my brother was receiving, which non of the family member knew, finally, when my brother older son Earl, had ask his brother regarding and also calling Brenda, from the Prison Board of Director, when Earl question his brother Sheldon, at first Sheldon, Denied then confessed that he did spend over thousands of dollars and now Sheldon wants to revoke the power of attorney, I've called my brothers attorney and his sectary cindy told me that I would need to hired another attorney to fight this case, since my nephew Sheldon and Fabian have used their father money without permission from their father and now they said that they can't repay back the father, I was very hurt and mad with my nephews, I'm standing alone, and praying everyday for HELP someone who will beable to help me fight this case, as Sharon, my brothers wife she's at home with no other invesgation against her, while my brother is the victim that we almost lost him three time and just thank god for pulling him through, but after my poor brother got abused by his wife and not only by his two son's, and this rehabilition center is a piece of shit, they treat my brother like shit, and I hate to say, I have problems with alot of the WHITE nurses, and staff members... And his doctor Dr.Hoyt, he doesn't seem like he cares about my poor brother, it looks like money that he cares... I'm not a rich person, and I cry everyday and night, I call my brother twice a day, and everyday he ask me when I'm coming back to help him, he cries to me all the time that I talk to him, and it hurts me, I'm trying to make enough money to pay for my plane fare so that I could take care my brother, I'm praying to find a way to get him to Hawaii where our families are or Alaska, but accourding to his Doctor he said that it's not possible, because they won't beable to transport him until next year Feb.2004, which I know that there's a way, either with Red Cross, what I'm asking from any of you, is to please hear my crie but most of all my brothers crie we need your help, to get my brother out of the Ugly State of Pennsylvania, and be a Angel of God and hear our prayer's... If you know that anyone that I could get in touch here in Pennsylvania that could make a visit or a Attorney who will help manority... Please email me iolanichun@hotmail.com Thank you for you time and I hope you will beable to be that Angel of Life.... Love and Aloha, 'iolani

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2003

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