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I'm not very high-tech in video stuff (I'm an actress, no techie orientation), so I need some help!

I have a ReplayTV system. For research sakes, I've been recommended to keep a library of all the sitcoms and drama shows on TV. (In case I need to go in for an audition, I have one episode to watch and know what that show is about).

Since I can download the recorded segments to my computer, I am burning these videos onto CDs (one episode/show per CD), so I can remove them from my computer (they take so much space!).

I don't have a problem with the sitcoms, since they come around 400MB. My problem is with the drama shows.

They usually come in at around 850MB - and that's using the lowest quality of recording of ReplayTV.

Now, given this explanation, I was hoping you could explain to me if there's a way to compress/reduce the size of the MPEGs of the drama shows so they fit on a 650MB CD. I would be using these CDs on the computer only, no need to make them useable on DVD playes. A plain old CD-Rom will do the trick.

I've tried looking in other message boards, but the explanations were so complicated, I got lost! Remember, I'm not super video-tech savvy....

Anyway, I probably already wrote too much.

Thanks for any possible help.

-- Fernanda Ojeda (, April 27, 2003


If its 80 minutes or under, you can fit it into ONE vcd Which you can technically put more than 800 mb's into a 70 minute cd Ive put something like 898 mb on One VCD, and it plays on my comp, dvd player, vcd player, and others.....

Try that, Use TMpgenc to make it into a mpeg1 vcd standard, then put it on a cd with nero


-- Chris Madson (, April 27, 2003.

you should get help from latin guy (Ed Klumpsy (edu_aguirre@hotmail) that gave some advice on a question asked before yours. I'm also latin :)

-- daniel (, April 28, 2003.

You will have to re-encode the video to MPEG-1 to have it in VCD format. I believe that Replay TV uses MPEG-2 video. There are guides to re-encoding video at The program TMPGenc is probably the best one to use.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), April 28, 2003.

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