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I am preparing my first switchmaster assembly as suggested by Allan. My questions are as follows. I purchased the four color pigtail jacks from Digikey. The wire colors are different. Looking from the top. the top two wires are white and black, the botom two are green and red.

My first question is what pin position on the connector corresponds with Allan's wiring diagram? If I know this, then it does not matter what color wire I have in my connector.

My second question, now that I have a telecom connector on my switch machine, is how do I connect this to the layout. Is this for only DS-54 connections? Can I connect my +12v -12v common to this until I install my DS-54 or do I need to install the DS-54 now. Sorry for the dumb questions here, but this is just not obvious to me; and I am about to make 20 switch machine aseembly's and want to get it right.

-- Ralph S. DeBlasi (rsdcpa@aol.com), April 26, 2003



I ran into the same problem you did once. I have to be very careful when I buy the telco connectors and see if the color coding is the same. Let me answer your question in general, since who knows how many ways manufactures are making that connector.

Look in the Digitrax manual for the DS-54. You will see that my wiring diagram is no different than theirs. I just use the telco connector, where they show you connecting those delicate telco wires directly to your switch machine. From that, regardless of how your connector, or anyone else's who is reading this, can determine if the connector is like mine. (I have final exams next week. I'll make a note to indicate which pin on the telco connector my diagram refers to and update my webpage after exams.)

Yes, my indication of using the telco connector is ideally suited for the DS-54 by Digitrax. If you are not using a DS-54, there are many connectors on the market you can use. The choice is yours. Whatever is cheapest, suits you, or you have on hand is fine.

-- Allan Gartner (bigboy@WiringForDCC.com), April 26, 2003.

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