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I have been thinking about going DCC (DigiTrax), at my train club is. If I install decoders in my engines, can I still use them on my non DCC layout?

-- Steven Wills (, April 25, 2003


Just as all DCC decoders are made to operate interchangably between Differnt manufacturors of DCC systems, All decoders are made to operate the locomotive in a conventional manner in the absence of a DCC signal. However response is usually delayed somewhat as the decoder will keep sensing the DC signal for signes of a DCC signal. To my knowlege this works for all kinds of Decoders. My prefered decoder is Atlas' Dual Mode Decoder. It has provisions for bypassing the decoder entirely if you want to change back and forth between DCC and Non DCC layouts and negates any of the scanning delay found in other decoders.

(Note: If anyone of you more experienced members finds an error in my statement, I would more than welcome the correction)

-- James R. Mitich. Forum Moderator. (, April 25, 2003.

Not all decoders support operation on DC. Only some from some manufacturers. You have to read the specs for the decoder you want to use.


-- Dale Gloer (, April 26, 2003.

Soundtraxx decoders don't seem to be able to operate on dc (analog). Two of our club members have them installed and none of their locomotives with them installed run on dc (analog). My Rivarossi UP Big Boy (came with an Arnold decoder factory installed) also does not run on dc analog. All Digitrax decoders do run on both DCC and DC, if the CV (13, I believe) is set for it. These decoders come factory programmed to run on both DCC and DC(analog).


-- Mike Burghardt (, May 25, 2003.

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