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I am new in phtography, I have a Nikon F801s (D Mount) with a Tamron lesnes 28-105 mm. What lenses should I look for to add to my phtography needs?


-- Lawrence (, April 25, 2003



What are your photography needs in the first place?

Generally, I reckon a 50mm prime lens should be part of everyone's kit. At f1.8, or if you can get a faster f1.4, is great when light levels get low.

If you're into landscape and scenery, a 17-35mm or 19-35mm wide angle zoom would be good to have. They're pretty useful for street photography as well.

But as you said you were new to photography, I suggest you hold on to your cash first before spending on new equipment. Get to know your current camera and lens inside out. Discover what subject you want, then go buy the equipment to suit. Your 28-105 should cover quite a good range from wide angle to medium telephoto, and should just about take care of most general photography needs.

Hope this helps.

-- PM (, April 25, 2003.

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