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We speak of debt reduction, but do we really mean it? We speak of economic empowerment, but are we really serious enough to initiate it? I mentioned in one of the posts the need to establishment and teach the necessity of educational endowments. While attending a certain school in Cambridge, Ma., the professor spoke upon the need for this school to continue to seek funding. One alum wrote a check and donated $500 million just to the school of business and government! Imagine if one of our people did something similar! Now I realize the economic disparity (FACTORY OWNERS VS. FACTORY WORKERS). In my honest opinion, with the talent of our denomination and community, we too should be able to establish an Educational Endowment to empower our community and insure our future. What would it take to accomplish this feat? This would enable us safeguard our schools and keep our history alive. What do you think...'cuz we need not help, but action!

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2003


Parson Ray:

Hmmmm....... that alum may very well had wrote a check for $500 million but I seriously doubt if the check CLEARED his account. :-) The best philanthropists in the world don't give away a half-billion to modern institutions of intellectual incarceration (i.e. American colleges) not even Bill Gates, George Soros or Warren Buffett. Plus, Harvard's endowment is over $20 billion right now. Your basic point however concerning the establishment of an AME educational endowment is right on the money (pun intended). QED

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2003

I am an alum of Princeton Seminary and we get several letters through out the years asking for money. They stress the importance of sending in $1, $5, $20 etc. and every class has a class leader who stays in touch with the alums, they also share stories of how the students are doing. They have a very successful drive every year. My point is if we send what we can we can make a difference.

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2003

Say it isn't so Pastor Ray! You went to Harvard and not Princeton. Well you know the school rivalries but Harvard and Princeton always stands together against Yale. I forgive you Pastor Ray;-) Now you and I are going to hear from Bill dickens about his alma mater American University they are eagles and they soar. He and my daughter are alums of American and they go on about being eagles;-)

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2003

Just like the bald eagle, the symbol of American excellence, those of us fortunate to be asociated with the 'Harvard on the Potomac', fly alone. We eshew crowds :-) QED

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2003

Dear Parson Ray

The answer to your question can follow this approach.

1. Create the A.M.E Education Endowment Trust (Appoint Trustees) 2. Create an account for receiving funds 3. Invite top Black business leaders to the General Board Meeting with the express (stated in advance) purpose of soliciting funds for this program 4. Open the fund to investment from international companies and associations 5. Plan an annual banquet to further this process

For your review. I applaud your point my brother.

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2003

Spot on with the suggestion. Such a fund should be connectional. And I believe the overseas districts can also contribute to this.

-- Anonymous, April 25, 2003

Thank God for Brother Ray Allen for resurrecting this issue again!!! You know the AME church must have an educational endowment. If this fund was set up in the next hour, I would be the first to make a contribution to it. The economy is ripe at this time for purchasing undervalued stocks which will probably soar when the economy recovers. We need to start somewhere by setting up this fund. Thank you brother Allen for an excellent suggestion.


-- Anonymous, April 25, 2003

But again, I ask:

Shouldn't the Conference Claim monies be used to start this fund? Isn't that what the monies are for?

Rev. John harper

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2003

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