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On May 6, in my town there will be a Jewish Holocaust Rememberence. The interfaith association of which our church is a part of will participate. They hold the rememberance every year. This year my daughter Licentiate Danielle will do a part of the Litany. Every year when we begin to work on this rememberance with the other churches it is all that I can do not to cry for I always think of all of our African brothers and sisters who died on their way to america on slave ships and those who died in slavery. I know without a doubt what happened at Auschitz was evil and horrific ( I have visited Auschitz) and we should remember what happened. But I also think we should remember the africans that lost their lives also. I cannot imagine the horror they had to deal with being shackled, beat, put down in a bottom of a boat and taken from their homes. What do you think. I would love it if we did something every general conference. What do you think.

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2003


Dear Rev.Denise Excellant idea. Something should have been done a long long long long time ago. The Jews did it and that is why the world pays attention. Until we do why should anyone listen?

-- Anonymous, April 26, 2003

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