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During the past couple of quadrennials I have been thoroughly blessed by Bishop John Hurts Adams' sermon series on leadership. And one of the things he was clear on is that "we like to create new things whilst we can't even maintain what we have". He referred to the number of new bills we pass quadrennially but we do not obey the ones we have. This brings me to personal reflection. All of these historical institutions that we have, all the schools and all the infrastructure that we have, in the words of Bishop Brookins, were not erected by those of us fighting within these institutions, but were built by generations gone by who did not have the resources we have today! They did nit have the education and money that we have today, yet they left behind a very rich legacy - and here we are in 2003 witnessing the closure (accreditation loss) of one's the black education pioneer institutions. How do we want to help that school. Passing an offering plate on Sunday morning will not have the desired remedial on the short, but I want to make a suggestion. Let us propose to reduced all Connectional Meetings with 1 - 2 days, and even if it is possible, let us cancel at least one major meeting (for instance the upcoming WMS/YPD Convention) and let us use all the money we intended to spend on the meetings to help not only Morris Brown, but all AME instituions.

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2003


Your suggestion is well taken, but i'm sure that if we try to get out of hotel and meeting contracts for the upcoming meetings our loss will far surpass the gain!

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2003

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