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i have a lot of jpeg pictures taken from my digital camera now i would like to combine them all and make a video cd but i dont know any software which will do that if u have any ideas pls help

-- jagan (, April 24, 2003


VCDeasy, available for free at, does a terrific job of this. It will convert them to the proper format and make a truly compliant photo VCD for you. Other programs can make photo VCDs, but they rarely follow the standards for such discs, which can sometimes cause playback problems. For example, Pioneer DVD players are notorious for refusing to play photo VCDs unless they totally comply with the standards.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), April 24, 2003.

Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album 4. Approx. $30.

-- L. Gibbs (, August 07, 2004.

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