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Can someone please tell me if the dvd player (JVC XV S-42)can play VCD's? From what i have read it is supposed to play them but i am having no success. I have made a couple of vcd's using nero 5.5.20 and played them on an Alba Dvd player and they work fine. Is this a common issue with the player or there someting else.

-- David (, April 23, 2003


It should, here are the specs on it

DTS, DVD/CD/VCD/CD-R/CD-RW playback, Digest, Strobe, Zoom, PAL/NTSC playback

Outputs: S-Video, SCART, Composite video, Digital optical, Digital coaxial, Analogue stereo, 5.1 audio

Try using a different disc, or make sure you're making a compliant CD

-- Chris Madson (, April 23, 2003.

The DVD Player Compatibility List at says that your player will play VCD on CD-R. I have a few suggestions which may or may not help. 1) One guy reported having problems playing VCD burned at 12X speed. Try burning at slow speeds, such as 8X or less. 2) It could be your media. Some brands work fine in player X and cause all kinds of problems in player Y. Try burning to CD-RW. Those usually work without problems. If CD-RW is OK, try another brand of CD-R. You may have to resort to trial and error to find a brand your player likes. 3) Try using VCDeasy ( instead of Nero. Nero does not make truly compliant VCDs/SVCDs and some players are really fussy about what they will play and require VCDs/SVCDs to totally adhere to the standards. 4) Did you leave out some important info, like you were actually trying to make a photo VCD? Nero made photo VCDs don't follow the standards for such discs (see point #3) and some players will refuse to play them but will play such discs made with VCDeasy because they follow the standards. 5) Did you make a PAL VCD? Usually it's not an issue, but I have heard of US made DVD players that refused to play PAL VCD, but would play NTSC VCD. 6) This is unusual, but I did hear from a guy who told me that Toshiba changed the model he bought where it did not support VCD at all, on any kind of format. He called Toshiba and confirmed that. If all else fails, call JVC and ask them if they did anything weird like that. Earlier versions of the same Toshiba model played VCD fine, but they deliberately changed the firmware to not support the format any more. He was not given any explanation as to why they would do that. 7) Did you do anything non-standard that you didn't tell us about, like use a really high bit rate? It has been reported that your model will not play XVCD at bit rates above 2500 Kbps.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), April 24, 2003.

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