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Does anyone know if the sony VE-700 plays svcd's? (the burnt ones) or does it only play "real" vcds?

-- Chris (, April 21, 2003


Check the DVD compatibility list at Older Sony DVD players tended to be one of two types. One type played VCD and SVCD fine, but didn't support burnable media. CD-RW discs did work on these players. There were 2 brands of CD-R that worked as well, but neither is being made any more. The other type of Sony player supported burnable media fine, but did not play SVCD. It was possible to fool the player by demuxing the SVCD and muxing it as a non-standard VCD using something like TMPGenc. If the SVCD was muxed and burned as a non-standard VCD, the player would play it. The short answer is trying burning to CD-RW and if that doesn't work, mux and burn the SVCD as a non-standard (sometimes called non-compliant) VCD.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), April 22, 2003.

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