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what does eldorado refer to in the poem "Eldorado"?

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2003


Eldorado (I'm not sure if I've spelled it right) was a mythical city of Gold beleived to be somewhere in Central or Southern America. I beleive it was losely based on the Aztec empire, which was conquered by Cortes (at least, I think it was the Aztec empire).

In the poem, it seems to symbolize a mythical place; and impossible goal--we all know that Eldorado does not exist. I personally beleive the poem is about the beauty of the chase, with Eldorado being the overrated goal, but that's simply my opinion.

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2003

Poe mixed many sources of his wide reading. The unique blend is much more important than the ingredients but it is good to know some of them. Eldorado for the reasons you cited became the name of California for those fevered by the 1849 strikes. Poe himself felt the lure, but reflected on his choice not too. Yes he was not young anymore, but he had been seeking for his own truer goals already. Many perished trying to find their gold and Poe was not satified either. It is also related to the symbolism of "The Gold-Bug" the theme of light, of death.

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2003

i think the poem eldorado is about smoking good weed all day. You just cant find the chrons like you used to.

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2003

An unattainable goal. A dream. "Ride boldly ride, the shade replied. If you seek for Eldorado"

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2004

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