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I am new to this world of DCC, and I am a bit challenged in my grasp of electrical problems. I have acquired two DCC systems most recently (Digitrax DB100+, DT 200, and an Easy DCC system), as well as a number of DCC equipped locos. So I have decided to experiment with them on my Atlas Central Midland layout.

I have the manual for the Easy DCC system so I can figure this one out myself.

I do not have a manual for the Digitrax unit(s), and I am slightly confused as to the proper wiring and nomenclature?? I was told that all I had to add to this system was a power transformer. 1) I assume this connects to the 'Power In' connections. 2) Then there is a jumper wire from the 'Sync' to the 'Grd'. 3) There are two wires from 'Rail A & Rail B' that I assume go to the two rails. 4) There is a smaller gray and a red wires also coming from the 'Rail A & Rail B' terminals going into a "LA-2 connector" that the throttle DT200 connects to. The LA-2 is connected into the 'LOCONET A' terminal. 5) Question, there is a red and black wire pair coming out of the LA-2 connector to some sort of terminal connector. Where does this connect to??

I am somewhat confused by Digitrax (and/or others) naming of the parts of the system. In one reference they seem to refer to the DB100+ unit the combo command/booster unit. At other times I've seen reference to the DT 200 as the command station. I thought the DT200 was the throttle or cab. I believe they refer to the later unit DB150 or DB 200 as just a booster. Doesn't appear as though they have maintained a consistent nomenclature??

I also ran across some sort of update document on Tony's Train Xchange referencing a modification called the "LA Two Step" < >. They make reference to a "LA-1" adapter. Is that different than my LA-2 adapter?? Or should I attempt this modification to mine??

And finally can someone point me to a copy of a manual for using this Digitrax unit??

In my cursory first steps into this DCC world I am rather put off by what I perceive as somewhat user-unfriendly interface. I have been told just recently by a gentleman at the Timonium Train Show that he MUCH preferred the NCE brand system . I am sereously considering selling both of my existing systems and going with a NCE system. Anyone interested in a very fair price on the two??


-- Brian Eiland (, April 19, 2003


All the Digitrax amnuals are online, even for products that are obsolete. Go to and enjoy your reading.


-- Dale Gloer (, April 19, 2003.

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