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-- ATeeNsGroup (ATeeNsGrouP@GrOuPs.MsN.CoM), April 18, 2003


Uhhhh. Are you a porn star or something?

-- Joshua Aldridge (, April 18, 2003.

ladies & Gentlemen, I think whoever it's it has to be a beatiful intelligent & strong woman (personally I'd love to see an entirely new&fresh face). can anybody help me please - I'm trying to remember one of old action movies (end of 80s I suppose). The only thing I remember two assasins wearing as women with personal touch - putting cards with symbol of quin on their victims after killing them, two ninjas, an astonishing woman in underwear with big gun kiling one of them, a hulky black guy (karate man) and the same pretty woman exploding the main "bad guy" with grenade cup discharge. Your help would be highly appreciated. And who do You think would be best for "Shi" character. Tia Carrere - I think is not such a good idea.

-- Asef (, April 21, 2003.

Hey Michelle (if that's your real name). I think you're fawking HOT!!! Hahahaa....but if you're gonna start posting up your pics like that, get a professional photographer to do it and put up better resoluted photos. Not the tiny thumbnails shot by a webcam, that is not a wise decision for trying to publicize yourself. So which industry you plan on getting into? Nude, Soft-core or Hard-core??? kekeke

-- not my real email address...LoL (, April 29, 2003.

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