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I have a LD collection of over 600. I am trying to find a way to convert this collection to DVD. I know my LD player has a digital optical output, but I can't seem to find a DVD with a digital optical input. Basically I'd just like to know how I can convert my collection without losing any quality.

-- Aaron (, April 17, 2003


I am also trying to convert (back up) my Laser Disc Karaoke collection... but to VCD instead of DVD. How can I do this and keep the dual audio channels (analogue/digital)

Kelvin (

-- Kelvin (, April 19, 2003.

I'm not aware of any capture cards that have digital optical input, nor any standalone DVD recorders that have this. I've heard of people who have run the output of various things through a camcorder which they connected to a capture card, so you might want to consider that. I've recorded laserdiscs through a S-video cable and the quality is really good and it's not difficult to find video capture cards that support S-video. As far as preserving the two tracks goes, it can't be done. VCD supports one audio track only. Your only option would be to record the digital sound track on one channel, say the left, and the analog sound track on the other channel. This would give you two mono channels each containing one of the soundtracks. SVCD supports multiple audio tracks, if you have any interest in that format.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), April 21, 2003.

The digital outpit on laser disk players are for audio only! The video on laser disks are analog, only some (not all - there are also analog audio tracks which account for the special features on the disk such as director's comments or alternate language) of the audio tracks are digital, and have to be converted the same way you would convert a VHS to VCD.

-- Michael Peters (, May 06, 2003.

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