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hello: im reading a book of edgar allan poe and its really hard, i need to answer some questions for my evil teacher. the questions are 10 (9) multiple choise : MAIN IDEA 1. the story its most likely about a. how 2 brotheres die in a sea b. how to fish of the coast of norway c. how a man survives a terifing ordeal d. how to dive of a clift over looking the ocean DETAIL 2.why did the brothers fish near the maelstrom? 3.how long is the period of slack water at the maelstrom?a.5 min b. 15 min c. 2 hrs d. 6 hrs. 4. what caused the ship to head towards the whirlpool? 5. the fishe man finally saves him sef by: a. swim towads the mouth of the wirl pool. b. getting a life boat and rowing away. c. hanging onto the ring boat near the mast.d. jumping the water and holding onto a water cast. DRAWING CONCLUTIONS 6. can you figure that the fisherman is probably about: a.18 yrs b. 25yrs c. 40.d. 70. 7. (its to easy i omited) 8. the fisheman leaves the ship because: A. the wirl pool stoped b. a smaller object would go down more slowly than a larger c. he is afraid of his borther d. he is an strong swimmer and can scape from the the whirl pool. IDENTIFIONG THE MOOD 9. as the fisher man and his companion sit at the top of the mt. helseggen, the companiopn feels: a.awe- struk of terrified b. joy and peaceful c. angry and dafiant d. tired and sad READING A DEEPER MEANING 10. the authur would most agree w/ which of the folowing? a. against the forces of nature, humans are very tiny. b. the sea is like a mother, protecting her children c. a smart sailor never abondons his ship d. love for one's bother is stronger than the will to survive.

thanks, im reading tha edition of " an adapted classic" of the globe book company. i need to read some other stories but this one is the hardes i find. my email is cadavidf@hotmail.com. if u want to keep in contact or you are reading the same book send me an email. tahnks again.FelipeCadavid

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2003


These 'evil" questions are fairly simple checks to see if you read the story and actually quite good at times at pointing you to what Poe was doing. In most Poe stories the effect, the mood and the power of the experience comes first. The mind groping to remain sane and survive comes next. The cylindrical shape of the cask and how, in the midst of a terrifying ordeal the mind sets aside panic to study the situation and risk the analysis for a rational way out is very similar to "The Pit and the Pendulum" where the hero is pitted against other men, not nature.

Suggest reading the short story and taking notes. This isn't too hard.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2003

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