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I have a Heavy Duty Craftman Riding mower with a 12 horse ohv. I am gonna try a big pully on engine and small on trans axle. What are my other inexpensive way to have a street Raceing mower. Remember I wanna stay realllllllllllllll cheap. Im all about reuseing everything.

-- Josh Rave (, April 16, 2003


hey sounds like a good i deal i did that,and i also put 33inch yokohoma truck tires on it also it was fun but then i wreck it its a long story how i wrecked it but i can tell that it was no good after i kinda ran it off a like cliff like hill luckily i jumped off i was not hurt but good luck

-- josh jones (, April 17, 2003.

Dear Dude,

I am also trying to find out info about racing lawn mowers. If you are in a class where you can do whatever to your motor, try this. Take off the intake manifold and sand paper the inside of it as thin as possible. Also find a small open air type breather, this will increase horse power. Take off your muffler. If you can also figure a way to modify your fuel system, such as adding a fuel pump you can really make your mower scoot. If you find out anything else about this stuff, like blue prints or anything, please email me with details

-- Doug X (, May 25, 2003.

change your pullys from the back to the front and the front to the back

-- jon (, May 31, 2003.

hey im getin into lawn mower racing and i have a 34mm carburetor and i want to know if it will do a whole lot to the power issue........i also want to know if there is any cheap way to get a good power gain but nothin with the pulles becuz i already switched them me with any info and adress it like tractor racing or something so it wont go into the junk folder

-- Tyler Kerlin (, September 19, 2003.

hey im getting into lawn mower racing too im kinda young but have no way to make money so besides changin pullys what else and i going realllllllllllly cheap and can i leave the stock carb on the engin my mower is an old murry

-- taylor haynes (, October 31, 2003.

Yeah, try richening or leaning out the carb. And try tightening up the clutch with a stiffer spring. These really helped my 12 horse Deutz Allis.

-- Matt Borchardt (, November 03, 2003.

Put a piece of exaust pipe about 12 inches long right after the header pipe. It should be about 1 1/2 inches diameter pipe. Cut an angle into the end like a Harley pipe, it looks real cool.

-- Matt Borlenger (, December 08, 2003.

well first you gotta take out the spark converter so your axl wheel can turn at a higher rate of km/h. Once thats done get yourself some NOS. This will get triple your horsepower and will be laughing as you sail past the other mowers. Get the N.I.M. x-trak this will make you turn like a seagul. Now finally go home and load your shot gun. Be sure to pull the trigger when the barrels at your head. Dont worry when your dead ill take care of you precious fucking mower. First upgrade ill make is strap some c-4 to it then fuck your mother rotten. And that is all there is to getting hot street rod.

-- jon corn (, December 17, 2003.

im making a racing mower too. im haveing a problem changing the pulles if some one has a blue print please send it too me. to make your mower the have more power and speed drain all the gas out and then put alcohol in your mower!

-- wes conwill (, March 05, 2004.

Hey u want power rip out the carb and drill the jets biger and take off that muffler and convert it to a straight pipe

-- alex (, April 09, 2004.

Dude, listen its simple. The engine you have now is all the power you need, if you go drillin out the jets in the carb you'll run into problems, trust me, I had the jets professional done in my Tr200 dirt bike, I am still havin problems with it. anyway the engine will do anything you want it to do, I am building my own racing lawn mower as well,m and have studied the things that will make you go fast, see the reason a lawn mowers goes so slow is because of the Transaxel, The drive pulley on top of the Transaxel spins 3/4 of a spin slower than the rpms of the engine, What I did to mine is ripped out the Transaxel completely out of the mower, then I drilled holes in the side plates of the mower where the tranny was and welded it up to stregthen the side plates, then I purchased a 1/2 stel rod, and grinded key ways at each end for the key ways of the tires, now because you have so much torque you must weld the tires to the axel even though you have the key ways in because the keyways will still slip, but before you do all that, you must firgure out a braking system for the mower, you do want to stop right. For mine, I used a small brake drum, and brake band from a walk behind mower I was working on at the time, welded the drum to the axel I used my tranny shifter as a hand brake, using the noch in the shifter lever underneath the mower, wrappin the band around the drum, and attaching it to the shifter lever, now you have a brake. Now you have to rig a pulley on the axel, now because the engine has a vertical shaft, and the drive pulley on the axel is horizontal you have to take all the belt guides from the bottom of the mower, you simply wrap the pulley around the engine pulley, and bend it slant waht ever you have to do to get it onto the axel pulley, it will look funny, because the belt will be all slanted and what not, but it will work, as long as you have a lot of tension in the belt. Now because you no longer have an idler pulley you must buy a 30-45 dollar centurfugal pulley clutch, and put it on the vertical shaft of the engine, and use that as you clutch so when you give the engine throttle if will through the bearings out on the clutch and it will cath the pulley, and spin. There you go that is your drive system, all you need to do to a mower to make it go fast you have to make it direct drive, straight from the vertical shaft to the tires, ya know. Now if you wanted to do it right, you can purchase a 150 dollar "T-Drive" which is direct drive but with a vertical shaft, ans a clutch basket on the top just like a bike or something, elimnating all that work. If it works, it is important to email me back and let me know it works, ight, and if it doesn't then email me back and tell that it doesn't work and I'll help ya out with it, ight, cool man, later

-- Christopher Walden (, April 11, 2004.

How do convert a lawn mower engine to a dirt bike engine to put on my bike?

-- katelyn george (, April 15, 2004.

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-- jason kenedy reads (, April 17, 2004.

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-- bill wishmore (, May 07, 2004.

Yes i just got done building my racing lawn mower it has a cbr1100 street bike motor on it with a harder axle which all together produces around 152 hp i mean it kicks ass. Do any of you guys no where i could race this monster email me back please thanks.

-- Anthony (, May 16, 2004.

alright question... I have got an 11hp Craftsman lawnmower. I got watchin sum show n i saw they were making racing lawnmowers, so i ATTEPTED it. So first thing was first i yanked off the mower deck, n cranked the idle a lil. Wells shes not much faster, but i cant keep the wheels on the ground! I heard of the whole pully thing so i checked that out but there pressed on. so what else could i do to make er faster, id perfer do it at home thing. thnx...

-- Joe (, July 03, 2004.

question. .hi im buildin a racing or pulling lawn mower i have a 18.5 horse engine and i was wondering if you all could help me on susgestin on what to do and how to do it thank you paul

-- paul gairret (, July 16, 2004.

I have an ol' murray lawn mower. Its got an 18hp Briggs on it. The first thing i done was rip the deck off and i put the drive pulley down on the mower pulley. You need a longer belt for this, dont get too long a belt or it will slip like shit. I also got some super lug tires from carlisle tires. 20x10. They are good for mud and pulling. I also have a replacement carbeurator from briggs, its a better carb than the stock murray carb so i suggest that. My mower runs exactly 10mph, that sucks but it will do that thru anything and it will do crazy wheelies. Itsa 6spd by the way. I checked out changing pulleys and it seems like my pulley on the motor is permanentely attached but i can use a torch if i have to... If anybody has any suggestions motor wise or whatever send me an email plz. Also email me if you have any questions.

-- Rubenk (, July 16, 2004.

the easiest way to hot rod a lawn mower is go down to your local hardware store purchase these little grinding stones they work great for porting and polshing then get alot of sand paper if it is a flathead motor pull the head of and sand it down alot this equals more compression finally go to the local hobby shop and buy some remote control gas powered car fuel then you go fast

-- tim carignan (, July 28, 2004.

I wanna make a mini chopper out of an lawn mower engine, and an old bicycle I'm doing up to handle the weight. how do ya think the engine will run on its side? Does anyone have any ideas?

-- adam murphy (, August 01, 2004.

hey yall take of the governerand pick up some speed and buy some racing quad fuel and switch the pullysget some racin gokart slick and u will fly me and my buddies built one and went threw town on it and got alot of reaction mine goes 156mph u got to get some neons for and some big flood lights and leather seats iluv goin mud boggin

-- jake (, August 04, 2004.

i got a 17 hp murray i was wondering what i can do to make it go faster i took the deck out and fixed it but now what i dont got any money so can you tell me what to do?

-- corey hilburn (, August 07, 2004.

If you would like to, you could put bigger tires on it so the tires will be covering more area. Then you could adjust the carb so it runs more smooth. Sorry i dont have a lot of answer but o well

-- James R (, August 09, 2004.

Drop a few mothballs in the gas tank they dissolve and will increase your octane rating. Experiment a little with how many to use you don't want it to run to hot. I had to dump out my gas because it burnt a whole in my exaust pipe.

-- Daniel (, August 10, 2004.

Hey i have a question, i have a old pile of crap white 15 horse, i want to know what i can do to make it go faster. I have already changed the pullys and put 21 inch tires on it. It also backfires some times, it is industrial commercial and i want to know how you change the valves. Thanks.

-- James R (, August 10, 2004.

take off the muffler

-- daniel koopmen (danieltosland@rogers .com), August 12, 2004.

If you got a 5 or 6 sp trans, you want a 6 inch, on the motor, and a 2 in on the rear. Then take you governer rod small spring off and replace it with steel wire. The small mods will give you about 35mph.

-- Ed (, August 13, 2004.

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-- liam wilson (, August 14, 2004.

comment, people i love building drag mowers but am having builders block i need help in some aspects of steering and such e mail me or im me and talk and bulls--t a little

thanks william f.b. racing

-- william roberts (, August 18, 2004.

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