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Hi. I was wondering if anyone had any critism on the short story by poe the tell-tale heart. I need them for an english assignment and I am having a very hard time finding them and i was hoping maybe this would help me. Im sure you've had a million requests for these but if anyone can help me..please fell free to email me or get ahold of me some how. It would also help if you could name a few books that contain critisms in them that I could find in my own library. All this help is greatly needed so if you can offer it please go right ahead for it is needed. Thank you again for any help you maybe able to give me and if you can't and tried..thanks for atleast thinking about me. Thanks aGain!

Sara Altman

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2003


Ifyour library has a website it might allow you to access a wealth of articles online through their subscription services. They would give you the password for free to use. has some online articles and links to other sites with artcles like Poe Studies, poedecoder etc. etc.

Poe's style of narration can be quite a trap when you have difficulty stepping back and seeing what he is doing. This story plainly has an unreliable narrator, mad and mistaken in his perceptions. Yet we get caught up in the supernatural misinterpretations by the end though the beating of his own heart has been removed to the ghostly revenge of his victim, a mad replication of his conscience defeating his exultant cleverness.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2003

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