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Dear Micheal, MY daughter had a house fire everyone got out ok but the upstairs is all burnt up the 3 children Marissa *years old Tyler % years old and Christian Micheal 3 years old lost every thing in their bedrooms, beds dressers computer TVs. blankets sheets pillows quilts toys dolls trucks. Its very sad for these children. Micheal if you could help in any way we would be very great full. Shelly & Jeffery Laird Wayne Center Rose RD. Rose NY 14542 If you could send a gift certificate for any thing for these childre we would be greaTFUL this is true not a game You can contact the Rose Fire Department , The Finger Lakes Times In Geneva NY (Newspaper Company. Micheal Please help if its only a dollar. My Phone Number is 315-789-5832 The american red cross gave them money for food and 300. dollars for clothes which dosn't go far but no beds or furniture. Please Help these little children Sincerly Linda S Putman

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2003


You haven't to wonder, how many of these such pleas for money does Michael gets per day? With his vast wealth, it must be astounding.

What is he, Santa Claus?

Where should he drawn the line? There are more people suffering than any one rich person can help. What would make Linda Putman's children deserving of replacement toys, when children are starving to death right here in the USA? The arrogance is amazing.

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2003

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