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I was in San Francisco about 3 and 1/2 years ago and tried unsuccessfully to locate where Joe Dimaggio's restaurant was located. I had been to it in 1952 and remembered it as being somewhere along Fisherman's Wharf. However, in 1999, no one seemed to be able to tell me exactly where it was. I would still like to know.



-- Charles Crank (, April 14, 2003


It closed in the mid-1980s. Joe Dimaggio still has (oops -- had) a house in the Marina District, though.

-- Rosa (, April 14, 2003.

DiMaggio's Restaurant was on the south side Jefferson Street just west of Taylor. I walked past it the other day and indeed, the old restaurant is gone. The building is still there, though, operating under the hideous name and decor of "Joe's Place".

-- John Martini (, April 14, 2003.

i don't have a answer i would like to ask a question i have a menu from joe dimaggos restaurant from the 1940s i was wondering the valkue of it thanks appreciate any help i can get about information on this.

-- robert (r christopherson @, April 23, 2003.

Google for ephemera and collectors. You'll find lots of club lists that can give you price examples and lots of useful links.

-- Rosa (, April 23, 2003.

On a semi related subject, I'm trying to locate a great nephew of Joe's who worked at the Marie Callendar's restaurant in ElK Grove (near Sacramento) in May 2000. Beleive him to be about 23 years old.

He was possibly a witness to an accident in which a lady was badly injured and would like to contact him.


-- Ron Melluish (, July 04, 2003.

You should get ahold of a good, California-based private detective. Contact and they should be able to help you. Don't let the name put you off, they're really very good. The name comes from the way dogs are tenacious hunting down rats. They're in San Francisco.

-- Rosa (, July 06, 2003.

DiMaggio's restaurant was located at 235 Jefferson St. at Fisherman's Wharf. I am currently the manager for Dom's Dugout which is located at that location and is in fact owned by Dom DiMaggio as is the entire building. The restaurant started out as a one story building and then moved upstairs as a second story was added. There is now a Joe's Crab Shack(just coincidence, nothing to do with Joe D.) in that location now. Stop by and say high if you are in the area again. Good luck, Lawrence Gray

-- Lawrence Gray (, July 14, 2004.

Did you know that for a peiod of time during WWII that Joe's father was not able to visit his own son's restaurant. He was considered a enemy alien by the U.S. government and the resturant was in an exclusionary zone. Joe showed them! Later he served for the U.S.

-- Roger R (, March 05, 2005.

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