Fetal Heart Tones

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Hi there,

In my state TN, we have a childbirth cooperative. In a recent meeting, they discussed the role of a doula checking fetal heart tones in the pregnant moms home during labor, and before transport.

They all said that the person who is checking fetal heart tones could get sued for doing so. Is it against the law to check FHT's and is this job only left to the midwife or doctor? Does it depend from state to state? Where can we get some concrete information about this topic real fast?

Thanks, Amelia

-- Amelia (jyotsnamma@earthlink.net), April 13, 2003


checking fetal heartones won't matter if you don't know what you are listening for, and in checking them and not responding to something you are not aware of, you are liable should that baby be in danger. and i don't think it matters what state you are in. doulas do not do medical intervention. leave this for the midwife/doctor. it is not in our training. as assessing FHT's is a MEDICAL thing, we sure don't want to be accused of "practicing without a license". let mom's body tell you want you need to know, and go with YOUR heart. hope this helps.

-- Debbie Kleinheider (wingsmajik@yahoo.com), July 17, 2003.

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