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Hi, This is my first post to the list. I had recently purchased a double DVD off of Ebay that had both the complete Aeon Flux on one disc and Wet Shorts: The Best Of Liquid Television on the other. I was extremely excited when the DVDs arrived. It's been such a long time since I've seen the show. Unfortunately the DVD of Aeon Flux is about the worst transfer I have ever seen. The entire screen is EXTREMELY pixelated to the point that most of the characters appear to be foggy blocks and many scenes are nearly unwatchable. I own 2 DVD players ( a high end Sony and a region- free player) and it played the same way on both. The Liquid Television DVD on the other hand was very clear (even though it began to freeze up towards the end) and it was great to see the Aeon Flux shorts on it. I tried many times to get in touch with the Ebay seller(who has a high number of positive praise) but to no avail. It turns out that this seller (Monsterfast) was suspended. For me - it's a loss of $34, but I still want to own a copy of this amazing show. Can anyone recommend a seller that has good copy (I'm not looking for perfect, just something that can do the show the justice that it deserves). Thanks - I'll appreciate any feedback I can get. -Jeff

-- Jeff McGivney (tenebre77@aol.com), April 13, 2003


You might check out http://www.centralwow.com/aeonflux

not sure if he is selling copies though...

-- GameDev (gamedev44@hotmail.com), April 15, 2003.

Not sure if you actually bought a DVD or a VCD???...well in anycase, recently I won a bid on Ebay as well, but it was for a 4 disc set of the Aeon Flux series. Don't know if it's the complete set, cuz I've never watched it on MTV before. But it's alot of episodes compiled on 4 disc. When you go to Ebay, just look up Aeon Flux VCD. Or somewhere around that region, make sure the words "Aeon Flux" and "VCD" are in the captions. Those were the best copies I was able to find of this god-forsaken rare piece! To tell you the truth, the guy that burned these VCD's just copied it straight from his VHS tapes, running at a MPEG format. I don't blame him. The quality is a bit pixelated but still viewable in my book. Playing it off the computer is nice, in a DVD player, it's ok. Still able to make out wuts going on. FPS is moderate. Other than that, much luck on hunting for Aeon Flux.

-- Toan (trigunex2003@aol.com), April 18, 2003.

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