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I was thinking of making a powered bike with a chainsaw or weefdwacker engine. I would run a chain from the chainsaw mounted over the rear wheel, to the front gears, then I would be able to have (if the bike was a 18 speed) 12 gears to run with, so I would be able to reach some pretty decent speeds. The cranks would be attached regularly (I would use a 3 piece crank) and drilled with pins in the holes, that way I could pedal too, if i ran out of gas or something, or to conserve gas. Soun like a good idea? I do. Email or post any comments/questions/past experiences/ideas/hints

-- TJ Poseno (, April 12, 2003


A chainsaw and weedwacker are made to run at high rpms but not for very long piorids of time. But u may find that u may lose power on hills. if a saw is run at a too high rpm for too long it could be dangerous alllmost like a hand garnade so try to keep this in mind when going up hill.

-- Phast Phil (, April 13, 2003.

I saw this problem also, I was planning on setting the throttle so that it wouldnt run at wide open, something lik 3/4 throttle, and having some kind of switch so that my throttle would be able to go to full open if I needed it.

-- TJ poseno (, April 13, 2003.

you could not use a weedwacker engine you would have to have a chainsaw because a weedwacker engine has no type of clutch and not powerful enough but it will probaly work with a chainsaw because it has a centrifical clutch and it would be easy to hook a chain to

-- josh jones (, April 17, 2003.

i powered mine with a big fat mutha fucking chain saw u pussy

-- agadhgsd gfnhed (, May 06, 2003.

i put a leaf blower engion on my huffy moutain bike. i mounted a bike peg to the engions drive shaft and used a friction drive with no clutch. it goes 20mph down hills but has no power to go up even the smallest hill. how can i get more power out of my 21.2cc mcmulloch blower/vac engion?

put answers below

-- david (, May 11, 2003.

I wouldnt use frriction drive, but anyways, I would just help it out a bit with the pedals, There really isnt anything you can do to such a small motor thats worth it. Id get rid of the friction drive

-- same (, May 11, 2003.

i just took off the muffler and i got more power out of the motor

-- david (, May 11, 2003.

and i dont know how to weld

-- david (, May 13, 2003.

i just took the muffler off of my mcculloch 21.2cc blower/vac that is on my bike and i got lots more power out of the engion. what caused this?

i thought if taking the muffler off of the engion would increse power there must be a different muffler i can put on my engion to increse the power without all the complaints from neighbors.

is there a power increseing muffler that i can put on my motor that will keep noise to a min.?

put answers below

-- david (, May 13, 2003.

no i had a bike with friction drive peg mounted to a 36 cc poulan chainsaw worked great 35 mph out of it and good up hills 20 inch bike. got rid of becuz of the tire issue went through about one every 2 months.

-- logan butler (, June 02, 2003.

ya the tire changing is the worst

-- david (, June 10, 2003.

i hooked up a twist grip throttle to my motor and when i turn it it sticks on high. i know i need a return spring but am not sure how to hook it up.


-- david (, June 12, 2003.

hey all im 12 years old and my dad gave me a chainsaw that didnt work i asked him want was wrong with it and he said the carbarater so i sprayed some good WD-40 in it and it works great i then took a little bike the tires are 12-16 inches i then used cooper pipe and sawdered them myself and i had to weld a 8 tooth spocket on the clutch and a 52 tooth sprockt on the wheel it get do wheeles it has a better low end so i can take off better cuz i dont need any speed thats what my KTS SX 65 is for

-- steve (, June 27, 2003.

hey all. im 12 years old and my dad gave me a chainsaw that didnt work i asked him want was wrong with it and he said the carbarater so i sprayed some good WD-40 in it and it works great i then took a little bike the tires are 12-16 inches i then used cooper pipe and sawdered them myself and i had to weld a 8 tooth spocket on the clutch and a 52 tooth sprockt on the wheel it get do wheeles it has a better low end so i can take off better cuz i dont need any speed thats what my KTS SX 65 is for

-- steve (, June 27, 2003.

hey all. im 12 years old and my dad gave me a chainsaw that didnt work i asked him want was wrong with it and he said it was the carbarater so i sprayed some good old WD-40 in it and it works great i then took a little bike the tires are 12-16 inches i then used cooper pipe and sawdered them myself and i had to weld a 8 tooth spocket on the clutch and a 52 tooth sprockt on the wheel. it can do wheeles it has a better low end .so i can take off better cuz i dont need any speed thats what my KTM SX 65 is for i race

soory for my 2 ones that arent spelled right

-- steve (, June 27, 2003.

try carb cleaner spray next time. wd40 can distroy the carb.

-- david (, June 29, 2003.

hey i have a problem with my mcculloch engine, i put it on my bike and it has worked fine for like 3 years, but now when i start going when i go full throtal... the bike starts to die. i think it is the fule line, but i am not sure what should i do to start this thing going fast again?? please email me because u never know im spacy and ill probly loose this link lol. please email me with some posibilities to keep my bike engine running.

-- jake bar (, June 30, 2003.

can you please send me some plans??

-- iwantplans (, June 30, 2003.

Hi, my name is Trevor, i am 14 years old and I am looking for a project for my and my father to do over the summer.... He thought we should build a motor powerd bicycle, but we need the plans. Colud you please help me and my father out and send us plans for a motor powerd Bicycle (30-35 KPH) to my email witch is

Thank you Trevor O'Connell.

-- Trevor O'Connell (, July 01, 2003.


i just got a moped with the same problem and lost of people have been saying the carb is cloged. try cleaning the air filter and also try some carb. cleaner spray.

-- david (, July 08, 2003.

my 21.2cc mccolloch leaf blower engion, which is in great shape started acting up yesterday. i checked the spark plug because it sounded like it is misfiring.

how do i fix this?

-- david (, July 26, 2003.

jake bar your problem is your timing (dead coil or sparkplug), or your mix is too lean , or too rich. Im about to start a projet , bicicle whit a chainsaw engine , my friend have one whit a 50cc engine , and he is doing burnout easly !

-- Burn (, August 11, 2003.

For you david, change or gap your spark plug , and try to see if your stator and rotor are close enough and in good shape, your coil can be burned too.

-- Burn (, August 11, 2003.

HI, my name is brent and I am looking for plans for a Chainsaw motor powered bike... if you could please email them to me i would be very thankfull... my email is thanks

-- Brent M (, August 14, 2003.

Hey im going to make either o chainsaw powered bike or scooter and i was wondering what one i should choose?? i also need some plans for making it. i want to make this with little or preferably no welding and i want it to cost minimal $$$. please post any simple plans.

Kyle Patterson

-- Kyle Patterson (, August 18, 2003.

I was also thinking of building a chainsaw powered bicycle.Could someone please send me some plans including the required Horsepower and torque to RPM ratio. I want to be able to mount the engine over the back tire.Actually, it doesnt have to be a chainsaw engine, but it would be convenient to use on original chainsaw chain, remove the guard and attach a sprocket on the left side.i would also like to know how big the gear will have to be on the back wheel so that it doesnt stall while going up hills. I have a 21 speed mountain bike with wheels about 24 inches. Some other questions are, do chainsaws have some kind of a variable clutch, would i be able to pop start it and how would i stop it from dieing when i want to gun it and try to accel fast. Also would i want a 2 or 4 stroke. I would like to be able to detach the chain and pedal if i were to run out of gas.

-- George Furey (, September 03, 2003.

Can someone please send me the plans? Thanks in advance.

-- erik (, September 11, 2003.

i put a weedwacker motor on a small bike and boared out the carb. with some skill i got it up to 30mph.

-- kevin (, September 28, 2003.

dood don't use a weedwacker or chainsaw engine i used a 3 horse (98 cc) engine and i can burn out and pop wheeleis on it made it to 45 mph before but mine was a tecumseh off an old snowblower

-- Brian bishop (, September 30, 2003.

hay dont use a weedwacker or an chainsaw engine ther not da bes engines 2 use at high rpm so insted use an brushcutter engine (about 22cc) b cuz ther betta at high rpm and if ya get a straight shaft brushcutter they normaly ave a clutch 2.But if ya have ta use 1 of them use da chainsaw

-- chase hughes (, October 02, 2003.

Hey gidday to all, im a 14 year old who has a need for speed so what do yous all think of about putting a whipper snipper engine on a bike. My bike is a 16 inch i put on chrome wheels and shit it looks real good. Anyways i was thinking about buying a bag holder for the back of the bike (one of the chrome ones) cut it down to size to go on the back and then putting the engine on that(bracing it down and shit) And then have a chain running off the engine and straight down to the back wheel cog. Then running a accelerator cord to the handle bars and put the little pull trigger that comes with the back cog is one of the ones where if u push back on the pedals the wheel locks up i think there called coaster brakes or sumthing. Any plans/advise would be muchly apppreciated just send to my address

-- Reece Hume (, October 16, 2003.

Hey guys, i'm not an expert or anything but i am pretty good with engines. i was thinking of hooking up my bike to an engine. What kind should i use? I was thinking chainsaw with a sproket. If you have any plans that would be good to

-- Thomas (, October 16, 2003.

Hey dudes, I'm 39 and have been wanting to put a chainsaw on a bike for years. I took a thrown out mongoose frame and streched it 11'' in front of the back tire. I plan to machine the clutch and fit in a #35 chain sproket with 12-13 teeth, then run it to a big sporket , #35 in the front on the crank, @ 30-40 teeth or more.After that I'll run off of the smallest of the 3 to run the back wheel. On the nack I plan to use a 5 speed rearend for some gear range. Also I plan to water cool the engine so that it can go a good distance with out burning up. what I 'd like to know how to do is get an electric starter for it so that I don't hav e to crank it by hand let me know what you guys think.

-- tom watts (, October 17, 2003.

hey i have a 38cc chainsaw engine and i want to put it on an old school push scooter. I any1 has plans just send them 2 me. Thanx.

-- Jeremy (, October 19, 2003.

hey im michael me and my friends are bored and want to make a chainsaw powered bike. if anyone has plans or an idea on how much it would cost can u plz email me. also how can i set the motor to go faster??if its possible.

-- big mike (, October 23, 2003.

ive got a g scooter....same priciple tho with the chainsaw engine,only problem is...the clutch is not grabbing the driveplate...i already know now that this is a cenrifugal clutch which are not designed to be taken on soft ground or up steep hills...bare this in mind before you try and attatch 1 to a bike otherwise youll be replacing clutch pads every week!!!

-- arun (, November 03, 2003.

If you put a 5 speed rear end on it , you may then have some gear ratio to playwith and then not tear up clutchs to bad.

-- tom watts (, November 03, 2003.

First off you need a new bike, get rid of that 18 speed and look around for an old 6 - speed bmx or 3 speed custom bike. Disengage the pedals and the bearings and fit that chainsaw (40cc or higher, a weedwacker is insuffiecient, i tried a weedwacker and my 185LB body didn't go nowhere, ESPECIALLY uphill) into the gap created. Make sure there is enough room to fit the engine into the slot where the pedals used to be. You'll need to buy a bit or peg for the engine that's small enough to fit through the slot. Then get a medium sprocket 30-40 teeth and drill a hole through it's center, make sure it's a steel sprocket. Then push the engine with the newly installed bit/peg into the hole created and weld them tightly together, use excess iron for a stronger bond. After that you must weld on a suitable mount to hold up the chainsaw engine, making sure to leave room for cables and fuel tank. When this is done get a chain long enough to wrap around your 30-40 teeth front sprocket onto the sprocket attached to your back wheel (any gear it doesn't matter but start at a low gear to be safe). To modify the tiny throttle cord on your chainsaw just pull off the cap and weld more cord as need, you can find the metal cord at most hardware stores. I attached that throttle cord onto an old twist grip gear and attached it to my right handle bar, i couldn't find a regular throttle grip. Attached this way that chainsaw can take you up to a good 40mph depending on your weight and engine displacement. I used a 46cc engine, but DO NOT expect much out of it uphill.

-- Ja'far Rogers (, November 05, 2003.

Hey all, i was looking at some of the people that were requesting for plans for a bike. Is it possible for some one to send me some plans? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks just send it to my adress (

-- matt (, November 05, 2003.

Im 15 years old, i have a 35cc chainsaw motor and i was wondering if anyone could send me some plans for a Chainsaw motor powered bike... if you could please email them to me i would be very thankfull

-- Bob Bromleto (, November 05, 2003.

Hey guys... I'm building a chainsaw bike right now. Not finnished yet. I took the pedals completely off because I don't like pedeling anymore. Mounting the engine is not too hard. i stretched the rear triangle about 8 inches so I have more room back there. Then I used the original chainsaw bar handle to weld on a motor mount. I'm also using the chainplate (whatever it's called) mounting holes to hold it on the opposite side. I've had to fabricate several parts like a BMX freewheel with small mountain bike sprocket, attaching a sprocket to the centrifugal clutch and making a new air cleaner/manifold. As soon a I get a web site put up, I'll post pics of my progress and finnished product as well as other bikes I've built/am building. Do any of you have pics of your projects? If so, email me. I wanna see what else is going on in the world of home fabrication.

-- Rodney Cluff (, November 13, 2003.

hey everyone, i am currently working on building a chainsaw powered bike. i am using the frame of a murray 5 speed bike. i disassembeled the pedals and sprockets and was wondering how to mount the engine to the bike without it interfering with the large back bike tire. can anyone help me with this? Send the info at

-- (, November 17, 2003.

hey im 13 and im thinking of putting a chainsaw one my bike for my ip project at school if any body has some plans that would be great or some pic thanks a lot

-- william r bander (nabander@juno.cpm), November 18, 2003.

hi evryone im 13 and i want to make a motor scooter using a chainsaw motor could u tell me how much it would approximately cost me and if anyone has any plans on how to make a motor scotter or how to attach a motor to a bike or scooter please send it to me thank you very much to neone that does i reallly need them

-- romi jash (, November 23, 2003.

Hi guys, I don't know if any "plans" exists for a chainsaw powered bike. The cool thing about a chainsaw on your bike is that you build it from your own ideas, not plans that makes your bike look like someone else. Befoe you do anything, sit down and draw up ideas on paper. It's easy and cheaper to just errase pencil lead than to cut off welds. Then get materials together and get creative. get it together and running, then disassemble and paint it last. Keep this one thing in mind when your designing and that is to include some gear range. A 3 or 5 speed rear end, 5 speed would probably be better. Thing about this, How many cars are made that run from the engine to the rear end without going through a transmission?? The answer: NONE!! You guys that are having trouble, especially up hill, think about it!

Have fun! Tom Watts

-- Tom Watts (, November 24, 2003.

hey y'all. im 15 and ive had my bmx for like 6 years and want to do sumthing guessed it, put a chainsaw on it. i just want something to go pretty fast but takes me places and lets me burnout:D. i was wondering if anyone has any video of them on their bikes??? if you do, please send them!!!!! hey, i was wondering if you could just have a chain go strait from the chainsaw to the rear sprocket and i was also wondering if i can do it with a single speed bike???---much appreciated

-- michael whone (, November 26, 2003.

hey, thanks for all ideas, but does anyone have any websites that have drawnout plans, preferrably Autodesk Autocad .dwg or Autodesk Inventor .ipt or .iam with dimensions. If so, please post the URLs or email the URL to my email.

-- (, November 26, 2003.

the optimum engine would be a STIHL 4-MIX ENGINE. It is a four- stroke engine that runs on a gas/oil mixture. It has valves like a four stroke, put part of the gas/oil mixture is diverted to pass through the crankcase, so there is no need for an oil reservoir. The end result is a four-stroke engine that can be turned on its sides without destroying it. An article on it was in the last issue of Popular science and more information can be obtained at

-- (, November 26, 2003.

correction, thats

-- (, November 26, 2003.

hey y'all. im 15 and ive had my bmx for like 6 years and want to do sumthing guessed it, put a chainsaw on it. i just want something to go pretty fast but takes me places and lets me burnout:D. i was wondering if anyone has any video of them on their bikes??? if you do, please send them!!!!! hey, i was wondering if you could just have a chain go strait from the chainsaw to the rear sprocket and i was also wondering if i can do it with a single speed bike???---much appreciated!!!!!!!!!

-- mike whone (, November 27, 2003.

cranks still there? where would you put your feet whilest it runs? thed be spinning. and why on the back put it in the frAME. it takes alot of doing. i and making a bike with a 6hp briggs in it. 10 speed. ahole lot of work only 4 welds though.

fake email.


-- charlie (, November 30, 2003.

I have been reading your site and have come to the conclusion that what you are trying to do is a stupid waste of time. Has the thought of buying a MOTORCYLCE ever crossed your mind? It would be alot more reliable and fun to ride, plus you wouldn't look as stupid on it. Apart from that your site has been a interesting and funny site to read.

-- Ben Google (, December 06, 2003.

hey im just wondering if anyone has some plans that i could get a hold of cause i want to make a motor powered bike cause i dont have enough $$$ 4 a mopet or a motorbike so im gonna make 1. but i need some guide lines to follow cause im a beginer in the engenering if anyone has some plans or any thing help full can you send them to me.prefered if it was a single speed bike im thinking of putting one on a dragster bike i've got .thanx alot jason

-- jason (, December 10, 2003.

Hey Ben, You Idiot, did you ever think that these boys 1) Can't afford a motorcycle, or 2)Aren't old enough to ride one?! They're being creative, not just following the system like you, you pathetic fool! I"ll bet you can't even have an original idea with out asking permission. Have your laugh then go back to your dull and boring life as I'm sure you don't have any friends. Next time your in a gas station,try to put in the fuel by yourself instead of asking your mother for help! Ben google's an idiot!

-- ben's an idiot (, December 10, 2003.

hey i was wondering...has any1 ever burned out to the threads on their bike!?lol. and i was also wondering if any one has any pics,video,ect. of you on or with your bike????? much appreciated cuz i need to work a few things out with my project

-- michael bensafag (, December 11, 2003.

Ben, sounds like you do not have a creative bone in your body you fuckwit. Leave the guys to have their fun and don't post again. While I'm here does anyone have any plans to connect a 25cc Wipper snipper with centrifugal to a mountain bike?.

-- Justin (, December 16, 2003.

hey everybody, i am building a chainsaw motor bike and was just wonder what size sprokets to use in the front and rear please post an answer and any info would be great

ps ben is a dick who is prob so rich that he always had the $ to buy stuff and i bet i score hundreds of points higher than u on an iq test

-- Customizer (, December 20, 2003.

my naber gave me a old 40 year old bike, i put lots of work in it and i make it into a choper..does any on know how i can put on the chain saw with out it touching the back tire???dont post your answer up here e-mail me!!!!!!!!!

-- matthew anrew ivy (, December 21, 2003.

I was thinking of mounting at least a 30cc chainsaw engine on my bike, but I have no idea how to do the mount. If anyone has suggestions or plans then please email them to me. I can't weld so take that into consideration.

-- Will S (, December 23, 2003.

I found a small bike and my dad has an old chainsaw that can't get running and I believe I can get it running cause there is an easy fix with the carb. The middle section of the bike is where I plan on putting my engine but it is too small so I'm making a new bar out of some steel tubing and I'm going to use my friend's dad's hydrulic pipe bender. After I weld that on I can fit the engine but can I use the sproket thats on the chainsaw or do I have to put a new one?

If anyone has done this before please e-mail me and tell me how you did it. Thanks

-- Matt (, December 29, 2003.

Hey, Im currently making my chainsaw bike, i already have it mounted and im welding a sproket to the centrifugal clutch soon. im using a murray 5-speed mountain bike, any suggestions on how to get a rear sprocket attached since the current gears wont accelerate much. Also how many teeth should be on it. Thankx please e-mail me!

-- Jla (, January 02, 2004.

Hey i also had a cool idea of running the exaust through the hollow frame with a dirtbike silencer at the end.. ITS AWESOME! p.s. im the guy directly above this.

-- Jla (, January 02, 2004.

Forget it....I'm not going to waste my time on a chainsaw powered bike. My friend and I are going into bisnuss and are making mini choppers at his dad's mechanic shop. We will start making the frames soon then start selling them with 3.5hp, 4hp, 5.5hp or 6 hp engine options. They will be strongly made with 20" 144 spoke wheels in the front and a 10" wide slick in the back. The best part is that they will be extemely cheap...around $800 compared at $1,500. If you are interested or have any questions, please e-mail me. Thanks

-- Matt (, January 03, 2004.

My Brother mounted a Victa 160cc Lawnmower engine in his mountain bike. Some of the problems encounted were vibrations as the engine had no flywheel & finding a high enough location 4 the fuel tank as the engine was mounted where the top cross bar was. He had all of 4HP to play with so he did it wisely. He scavanged the local tip 4 sprockets, chains, etc.. The engine drove a 12 tooth sprocket which inturn spun a 38 tooth sprocket on the LH side of the crank. The RH side of the crank spun a 12 tooth sprocket powering a 38 tooth sprocket on the rear wheel. The bike also had 3 gears inside the hub. The easy part was staring it with the pull start & the rear wheel raised. The suicidal part was jumping on it, as it had no clutch. It would launch in a very violent manner. I clearly remember my brothers words after his first ride "Its a danger to society & mankind". The bike still hangs in his Garage as memorabilia of his teenage years.

-- Ben Google (, January 07, 2004.

Hi A Bit of the subject but I have a ignition problem on a stihl 038AV Super, Does Anyone have a circirt diagram , it's for a go cart.

-- Andrew Pianta (, January 08, 2004.

Hey all.

I built a chainsaw mountain bike this summer. You may have seen it on daily planet, on discovery channel. Jesse james came to Toronto, and I brought my bike down there. Discovery channel asked to interview me, and i got on tv.


-42 cc. poulan chainsaw engine -home made engine mounts -home made bearing mounts -3 chain gear up assembly -original clutch modified w/sproket to use roller chain -chopped pedals (no need for pedals now) -motorbike handlebar throttle assembly... -high grade, heavy construction of all parts, except original bike components which are weak.. ie sproket sets.. brakes.. hehhehe.. brakes.... heheheh..

-Does 60 - 70 km/h on flatland.. -Needs belt drive on the outside gear assembly for safety and performance reasons... -Chopper like monster style.. -Needs front Shocks..

email me if you want to see pictures. or ...

go to -- if this link doesnt work, go to, and search for jesse james. the clip is called "Up Close with Jesse James (Video - Daily Planet)".

I plan on making a model that can bolt on to any bike, and maintain its existing gear system like this one. being able to use the bikes gears is what makes this an efficient vehicle.

Be careful people.. I got in an accident on mine already... chain flew off and beat my leg.. lots of internal bleeding and internal scarring now... and i didnt have my helmet on at the time.. so a reminder to the kiddies and even the grown ups.. BE CAREFUL... BE SAFE...

and above all BE CREATIVE!

-- Dave Chudak (, January 15, 2004.

Hey, i just got a New Husqvarna 141 (40cc 2.6hp) Chainsaw, which i wanna use on me Haro bmx. Can someone please tell me how to do this. I was going to run a pulley system or double reduction so it wouldnt overrev but wasnt sure how to do it. Could someone please give me some tips on how to go about doing this. Email me or add me on msn.


-- Josh (, January 17, 2004.

Hay, n e 1 no how 2 build a brush cutter powered scooter or bike and wich one will be better and easier 2 make?

-- chase hughes (, January 18, 2004.

hi dudes i am a 12year old boy and i have i have a 40cc honda whipper sniipper that has a centrifigal clutch that last foreever. which i can connect to my 5 speed bike with a 15 tooth gear on the motor and a 32 tooth gear on the wheel.It goes pretty fast 4 A 40cc engine. IF u want to make the engine perform better or if u have an engine that doesnt have a magneto or coil just replace it with a megnetic reed switch those big white things on some security doors'sreeww it to the engine colsest to the magnet on the fly wheel and connect 2 a relay with closed contacs and to an ignition coil preferably a oil filled coil and conect to a 12volt batery along with a 6 or 10amp fuse.The relay might not work at high r.p.m so connect directly to the ignition coil and battery with the fuse have FUN

-- XXDAVIDCOREXX (, January 24, 2004.

hi dudes i am a 12year old boy and i have i have a 10cc nitro racing engine that puts out 2.5hp at very high R.P.M s which can drivve my bike but i have problems connecting it to my bike please send me some plans for a picco 10cc 2.5 hp racind engine which runs on special fuel which cost more than petrol or diesel its called nitro metane with a mixture of nitro and some oils and a lot of metanol. i know this is not about gas engines whipper sniiper engines or chainsaw engines So ThAnK YoU

-- XXDAVIDCOREXX (, January 24, 2004.

hi dudes i am a 12year old BOY AND MY NAME IS DAVID i have a piocco 10cc engine with high r.p.m. and horesepower output this engine was described in the 2nd issue i made. i was fitting it on my scooter wheel with the clutch with a plastic roller. On the end of the motor with a servo on the aaceeleration arm. On the carb with my 27MhZ receiver with a nother servo for the steering and a rechargeable batery pac with 3 AA cells / i sometimes use the scooter to freake out my neigbours and enimis and boy it does feel good to have a wirelless transmitter THANK YOU

-- XXDAVIDCOREXX (, January 24, 2004.

hi dudes i am a 12year old BOY AND MY NAME IS DAVID i have idea that might inspire u my idea is an electric starter with a wireless remote control ok.If u have a good high tork motor that is smaill engnougf to attach to the engine and has enough power to start the engine and u will also require a 2 channel UHF transmitter and receiver some are avalible from or connect the N.C contacts to the motor and a 7AMP PER HOUR battery pac gell cell bat to use it prees the on button on the transmitter to turn on the starter and wait until it starts and then press the othe button on the transmitter and turnoff taddaaanTHANK yOu

-- david phouthavong (, January 24, 2004.

iv got a little 16" bike and i want 2 put a chainsaw motor on it can any 1 send me some plans (40-50kms) thanks

-- james sparkman (, January 27, 2004.

hey every one i was wonderin if any won could send me some plans to make a chainsaw or whipper snipper powered scooter or bike. thanx if you can

-- beau (, January 30, 2004.

I am trying the same thing w/ a McCulloch 40cc chainsaw. I am going to put it an a small trick bike and I have a good idea and hoow to attach it. I'v already started to extend the shaft so that it will be longer. I am bolting the motor to the side of the bike so that the extended shaft will go through the hole where the pedals and pedal bearings went.

-- Mike (, February 05, 2004.

I want to just use the shaft and sprocket without using the clutch. A centrifugal clutch just wouldn't work!!!!! You would have to rev up the motor and hold up the back tire and then jump on ect... If u take off the clutch and attach the sprocket right to the shaft then it will give u 40% more power and more speed. The only problem w/ this is that once u start it it will start to move slowly so be careful!!! In order to fix that all u have to do is turn down the idle. it is really easy- it is a screw that should be near the carburator.

-- Mike (, February 05, 2004.

why would it be 40% better?

-- bum (, February 05, 2004.

hi im wondering what would be best to make : a motorised bmx or a go kart. i have the option of using a lawn mower engine or a whipper snipper engine but am not sure what to do. i would have to make the whole frame on a go kart compared to tonly the engine mount on a bmx. the lawn mower engine costs $75 and the whipper snipper $60. i was also thinking of saving for a 35cc chainsaw engine but that would cost about $200 =( any help on what to do would be appreciated, either by email or by reply post. i also have msn messenger if anyone else out there does.

-- brad armitt (, February 08, 2004.

Im also looking for plans for a chainsaw powered bike to work on in spare time so if anyone has any please send on

-- Deathwalker (, February 11, 2004.

Hi, I want to put a 50cc wiper sniper motor onto my bicycle. it is one of those bikes with 2 suspension shafts at the front and one shock and suspension directly under the seat. I want to hook it up with a chain directly from a sprocked mounted on the motor shaft to the 6 gears down the bottom on the wheel. I also want to change these gears for up hill power torque and top end speed. Any ideas or information / diagrams, ANYTHING pls email me at ASAP. thanks (by the way I think every one on this site who has contributed there ideas are legends. thanks again)

-- Nat Tedesco (, February 27, 2004.

this 1's 4 abuv if u attach an engine by engine shaft 2 da pedal gears the sprocket on da engine shaft will b bigger than da 1 on the actual wheel meanin ther iz less rotational tork on da wheel rather than wot da engine iz actualy producing-also if da wreels iz big it normaly means that ther iz less power more speed.however 2 overcum dis problem make da back sprocket bigga than da 1 attatch 2 da engine shat 4 more lower,powerfuler tork.Oh, and dont say were legends it makes ya sound like your likin ass.

-- chase (, March 02, 2004.

i ment shaft not shat!!!!!!!!1(second line up the 12th letta across)

-- chase (, March 02, 2004.

i mean word not letta (sorry agen!)

-- chase (, March 02, 2004.

i have a chopper i built with a 61 cc chainsaw engine directly driving the rear wheel and it would not move me.i geared it down and it now has a 12 tooth sprocket on the clutch that drives a 48 tooth on a jack shaft via the first has a second chain going from a 13 tooth on the jack shaft to a 50 tooth on the rear wheel.i have pics before and after the jack shaft on my website please email me if you have any questins. oh yeah it goes about 30 mph with 72 spoke lowrider wheels and white wall tires.

-- special ed (, March 02, 2004.

im 15 and im trying to build a scooter powerd by a 40cc chain saw engin i need some idears so plzzz email me

-- robert smith (, March 13, 2004.

Hey i got another question?

Ok i want to make a go kart ive made it but its reinforeced but i want to make it really fast but i only want a light engine so its can be portable?

any ideas and how much they cost in aussie dollars thanks! :)

-- Josh (, March 22, 2004.

hey i am goin to put a whiopper snipper engine on a scooter or bike and i was wondering if you could connect the drive shaft directly to the back wheel. if anyone has plans or anyone can help me please email me asap.

Mr. T

-- Mr.T (, March 26, 2004.

hi everyone, i'll be really thankful if someone can send me the plans fpr chainsaw engine bike.

-- muhammad khan (, March 28, 2004.

this is actully a question but my driving steel piece has broken off from my whipper snipper motor and a welding guy said he wasnt sure wat he could do if any1 here can help me goig about who i should c about this or caould help me send me an email and i will send u some pics of the bike thanks alot

-- mikele kuhar (, March 28, 2004.

Hey everyone, my name is luke and for a project at school i am making a whipper snipper bike. I was just wondering what motor is right for the job, my friend said a 30 cc whipper snipper motor is good. I want it to go about 40 kp/h on flat and about 50-60 kp/h down hills. Whats the best way to put it on. I was thinking of having it on the side of the bike and then a shaft which goes straight onto the tire. Any suggestions get bakc to me please.

-- Luke (, April 06, 2004.

even a 17cc mculloch whipper snipper engine is good for power up hills. i put one on a razor scooter and can go up fairly steep hills with no problems, i dont even have to help it. along flats it has spped of about 35km/h. its friction drive. any questions or u want pics feel free to email me

-- matt (, April 09, 2004.

hey, i'm 15 year old boy, and i wanna make a chainsaw powered mountain bike, i've got an old bike under the house which looks brand new since i never use it anymore. I'm not really all that good with mechanics and shit and i would really appreciate it if someone could send me some plans or somethin so i have a and idea of what i gotta do, and how much do u think this would cost me to do is Australian dollars. cheers

-- Sean Slack (, April 18, 2004.

i would like some plans to. si if any one could help please e mail me

-- chris tyerman (, April 22, 2004.

you poeple are a bunch of idiots i bilt a bike with 20" wheels 27cc chainsaw motor and single speed. It goes 138km(86mph)down hills and 45km(28mph)up hills at the least. O yah it does an wicked cool burnout to. Shows you peolpe learn how to do some thing right!

-- Bubba Joe.down.the.street (, April 24, 2004.

That sure shut you idiots up!

-- Bubba Joe.down.the.street (, April 27, 2004.



-- XXDAVIDCOREXX (, April 30, 2004.

i have been wnting to make a petrol powerd scooter for ages but dont know where to start or what is the best motor to use. Could someone please send me some plans or something, id appreciate it.thx.

-- tyrone king (, May 01, 2004.

im gonna put a chainsaw motor on a 16 inch bike,(if theres any probs wiv this let me no)direct drive ofcorse,. if any body wants 2 know how to calculate your speed of your chainsaw, jus email me!

-- mr t (, May 02, 2004.

hey i took two 55cc chain saws, welded a really small frame and put the chain saws on the back tires 2 wheels and it goes pretty fast i also put custom exaust on bolth chain saws the hardest part was timing bolth engens so they would eccelerate at the same speed its pretty cool it also does wheelies like crazy.

-- mike mezker (, May 06, 2004.

I need plans/ideas from anyone who wants to put their heads together to come up with a low cost motor system that is road legal so I can(a) get to an interview undrenched with sweat and claim to have a motor- bike for transport (b)look at manufacturing/sourcing products for manufacturing. Any thoughts, ideas/ buisness prospects please snail mail me at 6 Barcroft St Aitkenvale 4814 as i have no internet address.

-- Paul Kenney (6BarcroftSt.@Aitkenvale.4814), May 07, 2004.

Hi i have just finished a 125cc victa powered BMX bike. It runs well but does anyone know any mods i can to to get a little extra go.

-- Bob (, May 11, 2004.

i need plans to make a whipper snipper powered engine for a scotter if any one has ne it would be cool i live next to a mechanic so yeah

-- (, May 11, 2004.



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-- gg (, May 12, 2004.

hey could someone Email me some plans on building a bike with a chainsaw engine on it i need some ideas

-- Dean Smallwood (, May 25, 2004.

I reallt need plans for a weed wacker powered bike. I want to put it right under were u site on the frame and then connect it to the chain but idk if it will work should i put it somwere else? I need plans

-- Ross Don (, June 01, 2004.

Can someone email me plans for a weed wacker powered bike? I really need help!

-- Ross Don (, June 02, 2004.

I have a complete 50cc chainsaw powered bike! The plans are simple and I will have them soon e-mail me for plans! Have not come up w/ price yet, but they won't be too expensive at all! I have more than one type of plan- e-mail me with questions.

-- mike (, June 03, 2004.


-- Ross Don (, June 03, 2004.

Ok kids, I know where you're all coming from. I'm 56 yrs. old and I used to make what we called "doodlebugs." A doodlebug was a 20" or 24" Schwinn bicycle with the pedals removed. We had a local lawnmower shop weld a piece of 1/4" steel plate, big enough to fit the bolts on the bottom of a Briggs & Stratton or Kohler lawnmower engine, on the frame, above where the peddals were. (The rich kids used chainsaw engines.) The holes that bolted the engine to were elongated about 1/2 inch to be able to adjust the engine back and forth for proper fan belt or chain tension.

We attached a go cart or mini bike clutch to the engine shaft. We also had two brackets welded to the frame, behind the engine. These brackets contained two automobile wheel bearings and a "jackshaft" between them. The jackshaft had two chain sprockets on it. (You could adjust the size of either sprocket for hills if necessary.)

Finally, we had a larger sprocket, about 10 inches in diameter, welded to the original chain sprocket on the rear wheel. Then, we ran a chain from the clutch to the jackshaft on one side of the bike and from the jackshaft to the rear wheel sprocket on the other.

Add a motorcycle twist grip and dummy side (looks like a twist grip but is just for looks) and you're off. You'll need hand brakes from any bicycle, but at the speeds you're going to putt, they're not going to do you any good. I eventually bought a Whizzer moped wheels and used the drum brakes to stop.

You can pull some good speeds, even with a lawnmower engine. I got a ticket going 45 in a 35 mph zone when I was 12. My dad took me to court and when the judge read the ticket he threw the case out. The ticket said "type of vehicle," Schwinn. The judge said no bicycle could go 45 mph and I got to go home. But, I lost use of my doodlebug for months afterwards.

If you'd like to see pictures, I have some taken when I was about 16.

Have fun and don't kill yourselves.

-- Michael Evans (, June 04, 2004.

i would like plans for a chainsaw powered bike preferably direct chain drive not friction. must not wreck or destroy my bike. it is for a bmx...

-- dan (, June 08, 2004.

i would like plans for a chainsaw powered bike preferably direct chain drive not friction. i was also wondering if there was anyway for me to tie the chain drive in the bikes drive to use the gears and petal PLEASE send plans. Thanks

-- David Baarman (, June 09, 2004.

hi guys i have a 30cc chainsaw and a BMX bike with 20" wheels can any 1 here send my some pics of your bikes so i can have a plan to work on thankx

-- Ned M (, June 10, 2004.

can someone please email me sum plans for a chainsaw scooter ive heard they are reallly cool and i wanna make 1 but i dnt no how ??????????? please emailme

-- Bruice trotta (, June 12, 2004.

hey yall email me some plans on chain driven weedwacker bikes email me

-- Ross Don (, June 13, 2004.

hey guys, i have a custom built chainsaw powered chopper that i made from old bike frames and scrap steel from my old man's shop, i'm using a 2stroke 50cc chainsaw motor, do any of you know where i can get a cheap 50cc tuned pipe, email me any time, or if you wanna chat, here are a few of my screen names; o7nosaj, waaaaaaaaaaaaard, and I00persentsweet, thanx yall, payce.

-- jay (, June 14, 2004.

3 wheeler granny bike downhill front suspension disc front brake custom trail angle and rake chopper like '26 front wheel with fatty street lowrider tires '24 rear lowrider tires 21 speed rear gear swapped 2nd set of bearings added forward and higher up on frame than stock original used for transfer of power front crank 1:1 to it and chainsaw 44cc husky run 4:1 right now ratchet freewheels added so to ease up on clutch and keep pedal action smooth lowered stock seat made banana style with sissy bar where basket was stock appearance somwhat ape-hanger bars on rock shoks twin rear brakes rim v brakes switches gears just like stock but has 21 gears fully operational working on rear suspension as is hardtail still no top speed yet with motor as recent addition to lowrider

well over 65km/hr with pedalling not stable tho accelerates really well but shifting sucks have to cut power and pedal then clutch makes noise to catch up...

winnipeg MB

-- david holland (, June 15, 2004.

you need to add a coaster/freewheel ans 2nd set of gears to free up pedals or you stuff won't work if you use the stock chain if you like custom work make a transfer gear

pedals to transfer motor to transfer transfer to rear gear place freewheels in appropriate direction on pedal input and possibley motor input if you want to save clutch wear use friction drive if you cant figure out the rest oh get a large gas tank with oil injection if 2 stroke from boat they work great also trikes adapt way easier than regular bikes as pull starting while driving was a problem on the first bike i made ( a 10speed road bike with friction drive weed whacker motor )

-- david holland (, June 15, 2004.

ok heres d deal. i want to make a chainsaw bike. i have a 48cc chainsaw and an old bike and thats as far as i got. how do i connect them. welding is no problem

-- D' Bull (, June 28, 2004.

could someone send me some plans to build a motorized bike with a weedwaker or chainsaw engine

-- scott (, June 29, 2004.

homos go big

-- ck1 (, July 01, 2004.

hello iam looking for a way to motorize my bike my license recently got suspended for 3months thats all fine but i live on top a steep 4 mile hill going downs great its the getting up thats a real pain in the ass ive searched around for actual bike engines and found them to be to costly so if someone can help me out and send me some plans it would be a real help just send them to

-- chris (, July 18, 2004.

hey can someone send me plans to put a chainsaw motor onto a bmx bike. one gear. they can be pretty basic. just something to kinda go off of. thanks. also anywhere to find pictures on the web would be helpful too thanks.

-- austin (, July 20, 2004.

Please i need plans for a chain saw powered vibrator

-- ox (, July 28, 2004.


-- Jussie (, August 17, 2004.

try Looks OK to me

-- Justin (, August 17, 2004.

try this site, great for building motorised scooters and bikes, go karts and other such things, many helpful people as well as about 100 homemade scooters and bikes.

-- nun (jnhbgvf@hgf.jh), August 28, 2004.

i was wondering if anyone could send us plans for a whipper snipper powered mountain bike. thx

-- jason (, September 01, 2004.

i was wondering if enyone could send me some plans on how to put a whipper snipper motor on a bike that will go pretty fast 20-25 kmh

-- peter (, September 09, 2004.

If you can send me a copy, I could host it online so people will stop asking for it to be emailed to them. ill post a URL when i receive the file.


-- Korske (, September 29, 2004.

HI, im 13 years old and i wanna build a motor-powered bike. I was thinking of putting the motor of an old fan onto the rear, but i think this wouldnt power it faster than 2mph. If anyone has any ideas please email me cos i think id forget this like.

-- matt (, October 06, 2004.

HI, im 13 years old and i wanna build a motor-powered bike. I was thinking of putting the motor of an old fan onto the rear, but i think this wouldnt power it faster than 2mph. If anyone has any ideas please email me cos i think id forget this link.

-- matt (, October 06, 2004.

put two rockets on the back it makes it go really fast

-- wazz (, October 08, 2004.

hey felles i really wanna make a chanin saw powerd bike can sum1 give me plans 2 get me started i mean i dont no where 2 start and sum1 tell me a cheap but good chainsaw i can get thanx alot

-- tony montana (, October 09, 2004.

Hey Im 14 years old and I need some plans to convert a bike into something cool, Hell I dont care whut it is i just dont want to get an F in metal work , I was planning to put a weedwhacker engine on but i read the answers and I guess it a bad idea, would a lwan mower work? hell i even found some plans that turn my bike into a battery that can run a tv and xbox. Shit im outta ideas if anyone has anything that could help me, ideas blueprints id be greatful,

-- Jacob .....thats all u need to know (, October 18, 2004.

can some one please send me some blue prints for a weed waker powered bike or scooter . i would be would apreciate it very much.

-- walter joubert (, October 24, 2004.

Im currently building a motorised bike (mind the spelling, I'm from Australia) using a Husqvarna edger engine (30.8cc). Has anyone ever seen the small rollers they use on boat trailers? Well that's what I use to put the power to the tyre. Boat rollers are much cheaper than tyres. It is also essential that you find an edger engine or weedwhacker as you call it with a clutch. Otherwise you won't be able to stop without the engine stalling.

-- Mark (, October 26, 2004.

hey, does anyone know what the rough ratio's inside a typical internal bmx 3 speed hub (oldskool one) are??? i know one of them directly drives from the cog.. but the other two, i dont know if they gear the system for more torque or top speed... i dont have one to play with just yet, still going thru my possible options! thanks

-- Nike_e_head (, October 26, 2004.

does any one no how to spped up a tracoer that cuts grass also its a b and s

-- (, October 26, 2004.

Hey i was thinking of making a petrol go-kart does anybody have any cheao yert reasonable ideas please e-mail me to them i don't need to worry bout welding just what parts i should use i was going to use petrol lawnmower but can't my hands on one any more ideas please do e-mail them to me at my msn addy thanx alot u guys

-- Ki Jordan Hathway (, October 26, 2004.

chainsaw bikes are very popular now in the racing world. they are known as pocket bikes. Check ebay out for them, i own one and its awesome. As far as how it works.. They use a 47cc chainsaw engine with the clutch and single speed gearing. it is usually geared 6 - 68 or somewhere in there. good luck building one on a bike, it sounds like fun. One thing to remember though, if you leave the crank on the bike, when the bike gets up to speed you will be peddling VERY fast.

-- beefjerky (, October 28, 2004.

I'm 29 and in the middle of fabrication on a chainsaw-powered bicycle. I picked up the Poulan Model 1975 33cc(?) for $60 at a pawn shop. The bike is a 26" Magna. I'm trying to see if it is possible to keep the chainsaw's friction clutch intact for smooth acceleration.The chain sprocket is perfect for driving a 3/8" V- style automotive belt. I am current scavenging and assembling the transfer mechanism. I plan to use a idler pulley off of an old model Chevy or Ford (to receive the belt) welded to an adapter plate to hold the bike sprocket jewel. I will be able to add an additional derailuer later. As for throttle, I have found that an additional set of hand grip brakes on the bar works fine (and it's cheap). They come in sets of 2, so one can run throttle and the other can be for the engine kill switch (required in some places). If anyone has done a similar set-up/fabrication, all advice would be appreciated... I will add posts as things progress. Wish me luck.

-- Chris (, November 01, 2004.

hey guys, My dad n i are planning to make a friction powered bike, with a brushcutter motor can some1 please e-mail some plans on how to do it. Thanks

-- Brock Hughes (, November 11, 2004.

hey yeah im 14 and i made a chain drive petrol scooter wit a 25cc mcculloch whipper snipper motor and the clutch slips far too much. once its fully in it goes 45km/h but it takes time to get fully clutched in. im trying a double gearing system so i u got any susgestions plz email me

-- David (, November 15, 2004.

Hello, Im 14 and I have been looking for plans to put a Whipper snipper motor on a bike. If anyone has eny plans could you please send them to me my e-mail is Thank You

-- Paul cav (, November 17, 2004.

my bike has been clocked at 80kmh and since then i have added a new pipe and a smog pump supercharger and as well changed the sprocket the chainsaw runs to to a 48 tooth from the 44 tooth which helps the last gears go faster lower gearing matches the pedals a little better - MAKES FOR BETTER TOP SPEED IF YOU CAN PEDAL - i got the smog pump supercharger from an old nissan 300z - it was a waste of time i haven't tuned it yet tho - it does have potential as far as gears go - spend the time figuring it out as you will suffer if you just hack it together. this bike is far from a rocket!

almost better to buy one - maybe a real bike like a yzf r1 - oh and chainsaw vibrator person - $#it what are you thinking!

go texas chainsaw massacre!

get biten

-- david holland (, November 22, 2004.

Princess Auto are selling 38cc chainsaw motors for under $100 (way under) reve the piss out of it who cares if the chain oiler is broken?

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre", Jessica Biel has just signed on to appear in "Blade: Trinity", the third film in the Wesley Snipes vampire series

oh yeah i have bown more than one 48cc motor don't bother with 22cc : (

-- david holland (, November 22, 2004.

I would like to make a bike powered by a chain saw engine but i am a little unsure on how to go about it. If someones has some plans they could send me that woudl be awesome. Can u put a throttle on a chain saw engine so it doesn't always stay at high revs? How do u do this?

-- Lane (, November 23, 2004.

you get a whipper snipper an you take it apart and put a stunt peg on the dive shaft and lowwer it so it runs ok the wheel

-- wayne compagnoni (, November 25, 2004.

hey u guys i am looking for plans to make a chainsaw powered motorbike and no one answering to these other guys i no, and they said dont worry bout plans go down to lawn mower store. i am trying it at the end of the year when i have money. My friend said he got his down at a lawn mower store so try it

but if any has plans, simple and cheep,

e-mail me

-- Jardin (, November 30, 2004.

hi i was wondering if any one would know were you could find a chainsaw very cheap like around 20$ because ive got a mini bike and i want to mount a chainsaw on the back. thanx

-- nick (, December 12, 2004.

i want to use a wipper snipper motor or chainsaw motor and put it on my bike so could you sent me some plans plz my email is

-- byron cook (, December 17, 2004.

I live in australia and i need a way to make a wipper snipper motor not make so much NOISE if im riding my bike with a wipper snipper motor on it i need it to be quiet so i doint get caught by the cops

-- byron (, December 17, 2004.

Look up "Chainsaw motorcycle" on your search engine and see what a German chainsaw company has done with 24 saw motors!!!

-- Bob Shand (, December 18, 2004.

Hey i made a moped with a 22cc weedtrimmer engine and it worked quite good, it had friction drive and it would go about 20 mph. then I got a 38cc chainsaw engine on a friction drive system that will pull wheelies and go approx. 40 mph. I have a speedometer on it and everything. BTW i am 15.

-- john hilt (, December 22, 2004.

i already have a 25cc powered scooter which goes good but i am thinking of making a 16 inch bike with a chainsaw motor. i already have a spair 17cc whipper snipper motor that i could use but i don't think it would have enough power. could someone please send me some plans and suggestions on how i could do it.

-- robert (, December 27, 2004.

help on how to tune up your petrol scooter(put nos on it)

-- haz (, January 02, 2005.

Hi could someone please send me some plans, anything will do looking to make a bike that does around 30kmph or more thanks Jeremy

-- Jeremy (, January 11, 2005.

can sum1 plz send me sum plans/instructions on how 2 mount a 25cc weed whacker motor on a small bike???? plz i rely need it thanx

-- nick burner (, January 12, 2005.

Hi guys my name is joey im 12 and i race go-carts during the spring and summer and i had an old electric scooter yhat didnt work so i tore out the motor and batery pack and i have an old weed wacker engine i was thinking about putting it in place of the electric motor i was wundering if it would push me at a decent speed i weigh about 90 pounds ne way u should meb just mount the engine on a home made mount above the back wheel and run a direct chain to the tire and if u realy still want to pedel put an extra gear on the rear axel and run a normal chain to the pedels dude my race car goes around 50mhp and we dont shift so forget shifting it would be better if you ran large gear on the motor and a medium size one on the axel (same with pedels) hope this helps and if ne1 could help me with mine

-- Joey Fahler (, January 13, 2005.

hey everyone i want to put a motor on my bike,its just your average single speed bmx, but i dont no wat be the best motor to put on, i have read alot about chainsaw motors being used, but not much about lawn-mower engines, is this because they are no good for this purpose?? and i also dont no wat would be the best way to mount the motor to the frame and wether to run a a chain traight from a sprocket on the motor to the existing one on the bike, would this work?? any help or easy to follow plans would be greatly appreciated. ed.

-- ed barnes (, January 17, 2005.

i have a bike with a Whipper Snipper motor on the front it about 30cc so it about 3kw i have at the front. it goes go up hills it about 20km/h and down hills and all that it about 45-60km/h so if anyone wats to see the bike i can send a pic of my bike it fast .....

-- Akin (, January 19, 2005.

I'm making a chainsaw bike so i can do sum burnouts on the school field and I'm halfway through it. I started by giving the bike a narly paint job then set about finding a chainsaw. It took me 3 days to get 1. U can usually find one in ur local buy/sell/exchange newspaper 4 about $20. Always buy a broken powerful chainsaw rather that a more expensive unpowerful working one because they r easy to fix even if u no nothing about chainsaws. i got that far with a chainsaw but i cant figure out how the chainsaw will idle (run in a neutral gear). It also will not start with the choke pulled out. The choke has to be left in to start it. Wat is wrong here? That is all I need to know coz i can weld and do the rest myself. any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- Michael Gordon (, January 20, 2005.

I have an old 15spd mtb i used to use as a hack bike. I am experienced in machine mechanics and work with tools alot. I want to motorise this bike. I would be willing to buy a smaller / different bike. I am having trouble finding a suitable motor and how to fit it. A chainsaw around here aint cheap and a whippersnipper maybe wont be powerful enough. I need some plans please email them 2 me. I came up withmounting a luggage rack on the back (the ones that hold cardboard boxes - springloaded) mounting the engine to it and fitting a cog to it and run it to a gear below - im stoked how i can run it with the use of gears as i dont want to buy a kit nor can i weld (well i can but have no use of a welder) and i dont know what gear ratio to set the bike to or how to perfectly stabalise the engine. If anyone has any plans please email them to me and ask anything in return (am not willing to spend a large amount of money on parts) Thanks, Ryan

-- Ryan (, January 26, 2005.

As above. Just bought a weedwacker 2 stroke dont know how many cc's. I have cleaned rebuilt and lubed it and need some petrol intake tubing which ill get from the harware store. then motor spindle is not how i imagined it. i need plans please people Thanks, Ryan

-- Ryan (, January 27, 2005.

It sounds like a good idea to me but you should definatly use the chainsaw motor because the weedwacker motor would not be powerful enough.

-- Dumbass (, January 27, 2005.


-- George Washington (, January 27, 2005.

I was also thinking of making a chainsaw powered bike. I have the motor and it will run (if I had some 2 cycle gas and a gas tank)but I dont know how I should mount it. It's a 37cc motor so it should have enough power to move with me on it, I only weigh 87lbs.

-- George Washington (, January 28, 2005.

Hey, if anyone needs a chainsaw thers alot on ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Sonny Armstrong (, January 30, 2005.

this is a really cool site,

-- anonymous (, January 31, 2005.

This has nothing at all to do with the subject but I just found out how to make a bomb! Setep1:Spray some hair spray on a hard surface (preferibly marble so it wont leave a black mark).

Step2: Light it with a lighter and put a cup (NOT GLASS)over it.

Step3: When the fire goes out then check and make sure that it is stuck to the table.

Step4: Tie some yarn around it and carry the line off at least 10 feet away and get behind a protective sheild (or at least wear goggles.

Step5: Jerk the yarn and the entire cup will explode!

I found this out on accedent.

-- bomb boy (, February 04, 2005.

hey im looking for help to make a really awsome moter powered bike!!!! if anyone can get off their ASSES and help me that would be great. plz send me a diagram or map of how to make one send it to my email address witch is yeah that would be great just a map or sumfing to help me along with my project. i really need it soon! this web site is awsome i recommend it to EVERYONE!!! great responses.

-- james linton (, February 05, 2005.

I undertook a project to make a minibike for my nephews and first tried a homelite weed whacker engine. I welded a sprocket to a 1/4" square shaft to drive a jackshaft that in turn had a v-belt to the back wheel. This v-belt had a 2nd pulley that would act as a clutch as the weed whacker didn't have a centrifugal clutch. The problem I hit was that the engine was not powerful enough at idle to drive the chain and jackshaft and would only deliver power at high rpm. Its the high rpm requirements that had me utilize a jack-shaft in the first place as my nephew is only 6 I didn't want the little guy flying around at 60km/h! I ended up scrapping the homelite engine and bought a 3.5 hp Briggs and Stratton and putting a governor on the throttle. The frame was an old school type kick scooter with 10" wheels. I cut the wheels off and put on fat trolley wheels (adding 6" to the forks) and xtended the back axle out 6". I have to finish putting the seat on and some minor paint and welding and it should be done in time for his birthday in May. If anyone wants pictures of teither the weedwhacker version or the B&S version, just drop me a note. I am still interested in making a little minibike or powered skateboard with the homelite or a chainsaw engine (since they are just sitting in the garage).

- Eric

-- Eric (, February 09, 2005.

i am in the process of building a chopper bike and i am putting a chain saw engine on it i may need some help i need to know if i can mount the engine in between the two bar supports that hook to the front forks. will it be too unbalanced or what some helpful advice would be nice

-- speedfingers (, February 16, 2005.

Please can any one send me some plans to make a chainsaw powered bike, cos i need it real fast. i have a basic idea but not sure if it will work.


-- angelo (, February 21, 2005.

yeah i didnt meen 2 answer but i dont no how 2 ask a question but i dont no where 2 start with building a power assisted bike for this school project that i am doing could u possably help me out a bit.

-- Alex Gabrovsek (, February 21, 2005.

i was thinking about building a lawn mower powered scooter but the only problem is i dont have any plans so if anyone has any plans please email me

-- kris commins (, February 23, 2005.

ive put a 42cc chainsaw egin on mine it is ran by a friction roler on the wheel it goes about 80 k and i have neon on it im looking at getting nos on it

-- max (, February 25, 2005.

Hi my name is amir and was wondering if someone could just give me some plans for making a mini bike with any kind of engine. Or some advice from someone who has done it.


-- Amir (, March 01, 2005.

if any one has any plans or coments please send them to me as soon as mpossible my email is

thanks todd

-- t kiernan (, March 03, 2005.

i need plans really need plans for a chain saw bike ive got a 16 inch bime and a 75cc chain saw its gonna fly i really need plans as soon as possible thanks and a rough estimate of cost pleaz pleaz pleaz pleaz pleaz

-- tk (, March 05, 2005.

please could some one send me some plans for a wiper sniper bike

-- josh williams (, March 08, 2005.

hey i was wondering where i could find a clutch for a 240 Homelite saw that i plan on mouthing on a scooter plz help e thanx

-- Eric A (, March 11, 2005.

fuck u all your bikes suck i have a 320 cc silo pumping egie on my bkie and i flew real far i go at least 500 k per hour and im goin to jail fo and beacause i bahed as copper for tryin to take it off ne

-- vdsgfdgsfds (, March 11, 2005.

hi yall i am bulding a chainsaw powerd pushey and i am just going to get a chainsaw motor weld some brackets on to the frame of the bike to fit the motor bolt it straight to the brackets get the chian from the bike put it straight on to the chainsaw and then fly bitch fly.

-- mitchell brown (, March 12, 2005.

im tyrin to make a motorized bike but i dont have access to a welder. Any plans or ideas?

-- warren rand (, March 13, 2005.

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