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Can anyone suggest resources for a paper on a comparison of history and major concepts of community psychology vs. individualistic psychology. Thanks for the help!

-- Hector Morey (, April 12, 2003


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You might consult the following sources on the history of community psychology:

Bond, Meg, & Mulvey, Anne. (2000). American Journal of Community Psychology [AJCP], 599+

Montero, Maritza. (1998). Journal of Community Psychology [JCP], 199+

Walsh, Richard. (1987). AJCP, 523+; 773+

Walsh, Richard (1988). JCP, 296+

Walsh-Bowers, Richard. Canadian Psychology, 280+

Some useful sources on the concepts of CP vis-a-vis other subdisciplines of psychology are:

Prilleltensky, Isaac. (2001). AJCP, 747+

Prilleltensky, Isaac, & Nelson, Geoffrey. (1997). In Dennis Fox & Prilleltensky (Eds.), Critical psychology. Sage.

Sarason, Seymour. (1981). Psychology misdirected. New York: Free Press.

In addition, the standard textbooks in the field should be helpful.

-- Richard Walsh-Bowers (, April 12, 2003.

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