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I wish you could all see me dancing for joy in my living room. I just picked up our palms for Palm Sunday. The florist was not able to get the ones I ordered and thus wegot another Palm. They are HUGE!! You literally could fan a persom and the palm would cover their body. The florist looked frazeled, for her wholesaler had not given her what she ordered. And apparently churches in town had been complaining all morning. When I saw how huge the palms were "they are three feet across" I stood there speechless (which is rare for me) I thought of Bishop Bryant's theme for the fifth district "Breaking through to your destiny" I thought about how our church had worked so hard on giving up fear for lent and how many had been transformed during lent by our Bible studies. I thought how much I had grown during this season of lent. And then I looked at those big, gorgeous palms and cried and laughed. For it was like God saying, I will pour out my abundance upon your church for your faithfulness to me and my son. The florist was shocked at my happiness for others had canceled their account and complained how cumbersome the large palms were. I just said "We are A.M.E and we can recognize God's blessings!" This sunday as we begin the journey of Holy week let us take each day and appreciate it's significance, let us take time to reflect on the love of God for he gave us his only son. NO ONE WILL EVERY LOVE YOU AS MUCH AS GOD. I also ask that instead of buying a fancy easter hat or outfit. Buy something more modest and give some money to our churches in Africa. Praise God, praise his son, praise the Holy Spirit and let this holy week be a time of strengthening our relationship with God. Hosanna in the higest. I love all of you so much. Pastor Denise

-- Anonymous, April 11, 2003



-- Anonymous, April 11, 2003

Denise: I'm actually looking forward to attending the Maundy Thursday service. This is the only time of the year for Methodists were we can all partake in a rare 'foot washing" observance. Has anyone else participated in foot washing? QED

-- Anonymous, April 13, 2003

Hello everybody,

I know why Jesus washed the disciple's feet but will someone tell me why do some denominations have feet washing ceremonies.


-- Anonymous, April 14, 2003

The reason that some denominations have foot washing ceremonies is to re-enact and commemorate the week prior to the Death and Resurrection, just as we re-enact the Last Supper on First Sunday.

Rev. John Harper

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2003

Foot washing was an act of hospitality performed in the ancient Near East when a guest entered a house. In the home of wealthy Jews, a slave would loosen the sandal straps of those who entered and wash their feet.

On Maundy Thursday, the day before Jesus' crucifixion is observed, Lutheran congregations read about foot washing in John 13. John does not record Jesus' last supper. At the place where the supper occurs in the other Gospels, John offers this story with its commandment to love others as Christ has loved us, a humility and love demonstrated through foot washing. The Latin word for "commandment" ismandatum, which became "maundy" in latter-day English.

The early church practiced foot washing to follow Jesus' example of humble service. Ambrose of Milan (339-397) called foot washing part of the mystery of baptism because Christ says that through it we participate in him. We hear nothing about ceremonial foot washing in liturgy, however, until Augustine. In his Letters (400), Augustine said it was part of the liturgy for Easter baptism and first communion. A seventh century Spanish liturgy was the first to use it on Maundy Thursday.

(reprinted from the ELCA book of worship)

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2003

I am just returning from the lovely Service of the Tenebrae.

About thirty years ago I worked as a teacher in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta. Each year on Maundy Thursday in the Roman Catholic Church, the priest who celebrates the Office of the Tenebrae, not only washes but also kisses the feet of every person who attends.

This is done to show humility akin to that of Christ, who being equal to God, humbled Himself not only to become human as you and I, but even humbled Himself to passion and death on the Cross.

Oh, that we had more humble men and women today! Perhaps we need to have foot washing and foot kissing in every Christian Church, not just on Maundy Thursday but on every day of the year.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2003

Praise the Lord for he is worthy to be praised, I am so thankful to Almighty God for his precious son Jesus and the Holy Spirit that is flying high all around us. Yes, Rev. Rogers I am excited about Easter and I am Praising him right with you. Thanking him for all of his blessings, miraculous love and understanding, his peace, goodness and grace. I love the Lord because he first loved me. It is so ironic, I came on the Network to night to send a message to my brothers and sisters because I feel the Spirit of the Lord moving inside and see his wonders all around, making me feel strong and full of a desire to serve him in supernatural ways. To share the good news on this Good Friday of the love I have found in him to glorify his name and the name of his son Jesus. I had been planning to send this message since last night after having visited this site yesterday for sometime. When Ilogged on I wanted to first check the new messages and Rev. Rogers your message sent my soul stirring because your words were tailored to the message I wanted to send and I praise God for his intercession and confirmation of the fullfillment of his word. There is only one thing more exciting to me atthis point in time and that is the fact that JESUS IS COMING AGAIN!!! HALLELUJAH

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2003

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