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This is not a question but rather praise for being one of the only organizations which sees what is really going on in this world today. You defend men in their darkest hour, and beleive me I more than solute that as more often than not men are almost always called liars when it comes to situations such as domestic violence.

I picked up this weeks Tucson Weekly and for the first time I saw most of the truth on the front cover about how men are often the subject of domestic violence. It really angers me to know that the law is very one sided and protects the women and never takes the side of the man. Now I'm not saying in all instances the woman is at fault, but most of the time acording to the article, that is the case. Violet women abusing the law so they may use it as a weapon against men everywhere so they may suffer and not be heard.

What it comes down to is a woman in today's world ( not all women, but the abusive ones ) can easily get away with manslaughter or murder. If there is a petition to make the law 2 sided again, I would gladly put my signature on it and help the greater cause so we may avoid this relentless persecution we must live through every day.

It does not end there, I don't know what it feels like to be a victim of domestic violence, but do know what is like when an entity such as your workforce takes the womans side and not the mans. I dealt with that before, I was embarrased, and felt belittled knowing I was right and she was wrong. I in no way, shape or form did I harass this women. When I spoke to her I was being friendly and I though she thought nothing of it. I in no way made any sexual advances to her, I did not make any obscene comments about or to her, I was a gentleman as I always have been simply making innocent conversation. At any point, she could have said not to talk to her and leave her alone, but she never did that. If she would have done that, I would have never spoke to her again, just as she asked ( if she asked ). Instead I was reported to our Human Resources Department where in this case I was viewed as nothing more than an animalistic aggressor. I thought to myself how dare they jump to the conclusion that I am no more than some type of untrusting dog. The company in my opinion did'nt review the facts accurately and since in this world it almost seems men are shunned as a whole, I would join them in this setting. I thinks it is because of this I have not improved my lovelife and not persisted in getting a girlfriend as I think it will happen again, and will be once again be viewed as something I am not. I think I may be sued for some sort of sexual harasement if I tried.

In conclusion, there should be fairness running in all parts of the law. It should be split 50/50 as in this world everyone should be treated fairly and not unfairly as it is today. This applies to both men and women alike everyone on a level playing feild with neither sex having an upperhand or advantage over the other. I'm not a sexist, nor am I a shovanist pig. I like your organization would like things in this country run fairly for a change. You have my support all 150% of it. And to the person reading this I apologize for the length of my letter, but I feel this had to have been said. I also apologize I cannot donate at this time to your cause, as I would if my finances were better. Thank you for listening especially to the person reading this.



-- Anonymous, April 11, 2003


Thanks for sharing Rob. Your letter and praise is good to hear. I wish you the best in achieving your goals. We intend to work together for the common goal of equality, respect for human rights.

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2003

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