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I was wondering if you could help me with the following problem. I am trying to figure out how to get several mpeg files onto one dvd disc in VCD format. I have managed to record them as dvd format but I am thinking that I will get more files onto one disc in DVD format. Unfortunately Nero prespecifies the size of the disc when you choose to burn a VCD and hence doesn't let you choose the DVD as the disc size to write to. Say you had 10 files that are 30 minute episodes of a series and you wanted them on one dvd (each file roughly 100mb), how would you get them on one disc. Also would you need .iso and .vob files or are they only for dvd playback?

Many Thanks,


-- Panagiotis (, April 10, 2003


Ah , forgot to add , is it possible to do this without converting or ripping the audio out of any of the mpegs. Is there a program that does all the mundane tasks? Also how long does it take to convert the audio?

Thx again

-- Panagiotis (, April 10, 2003.

I don't recommend doing that. Why don't you simply convert them to DVD format? VCD video is valid for DVD, all you have to do is demux and convert the audio to 48 KHz. has a guide on doing this. Let's say that you find a way that would enable you to burn to DVD disc in VCD format, not DVD format. Even if you do that, you may have another problem. DVD players all do media detection prior to playing. CD type discs don't need to spin as fast as DVD discs, so if a DVD player senses that you have an audio CD, VCD or a CD-R disc (assuming it plays CD-R discs), it will spin the player at a lower speed than DVD requires. This saves wear and tear on the drive. This is the main reason that few standalone DVD players will play DVD format on CD-R discs. They never considered that someone might want to burn DVD format to CD-R, so when the player detects a CD-R disc, it never checks for DVD format and it spins the drive too slow to read such format. If you could burn VCD format to a DVD disc, your player would detect the DVD disc and then immediately go nuts trying to find DVD format on it. It would refuse to play the disc and give you an error of some kind. I guarantee you there is no chance at all that the player would check for VCD format on a DVD disc. I strongly suggest you give this idea up and burn your VCDs in DVD format.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), April 11, 2003.

Hi there,

Sorry i dont know the answer to the question, but i have a question along the same lines and would be VERY greatfull if you could help me, as i have been in front of this thing for days trying to find a way.

The thing is, i want to put avi movies on to a DVD so that it is viewable on a normal dvd player and i have been trying to put them on to a DVD so that it is viewable on a normal dvd player (i dont mind if its on a CD as well, but it doesnt fit on to one CD and i dont know how to put it on to two CD's)

am i trying some thing impossible or am i too much of an amarture, either way can you please help me.

-- Mustafa Aydin (, April 12, 2003.

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