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My girlfriend and I are looking at travelling to Peru in August. I'd like to squeeze in a climb if possible. My climbing to date consists of most of the routes on Mt Washington and 1 climb in the Cdn Rockies (Mt Athabaska). I'd appreciate any advise anyone may have in terms of what to climb and how to go about arranging climbing partners (ie - are there any bulletin boards for climbing in Peru?).


-- David Reid (, April 08, 2003


Your best bet is to go to Huarez. Much of the climbing originates from this town near the Cordiello Blanco Mtn. There are professional guides there, gear hires (not the best gear) and places to get beta. You may even find some people going on climbs that would be willing to take on an extra. Doing all of this may be hard though unless your gf has something to do as well. Sorry don't know of any internet bbs for peruvian climbing.


-- Dave R (, May 18, 2003.

In Huaraz there is a place called "la caza de guia". This is a good place where to look for a guide and/or for a group to climp with. There's a bb at the entrance where people post messages when they are looking for partners. You can also try Edward's Inn, it's an hotel (for address ask any local) really popular among cimbers and the owner (Edwardo) is a retired guide that knows the area and could provide advices.

Good Luck


-- Carl Veilleux (, May 26, 2003.

The place to look for a guide is "Casa de Guias" (House of Guides). Do not plan on renting the gear, all the local shops have crap. If you are serious then email me and I will send you the contact details for one of the better guiding families in the Cordillera Blanca (White Rope). The grandfather Alejandro guided for Reinhold Messner in the 70's and is now a cook, although he kicked my ass up Pisco at my request, and the son Damian is pictured on the front cover of the guide book. They will take care of food, cooking, donkeys and taxis to the valleys and hotel in Huaraz for you.

On a more technical note: keep in mind that Huaraz is already higher than Mount Washington. Be cognoscente of the altitude. If you are just looking to back a peak or two, then I suggest a trip into the Ishinca valley to climb Uros and then Ishinca (one one day trips from Base camp).

Shoot me and email if you want the guide details.



-- Brad Miller (, June 09, 2003.

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