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Many victims/survivors like me are not benefiting from some of the non-profit organizations in the Twin Cities. Most of the other victims/survivors won't speak out because of fear of losing housing or other assistance. I have a compassion to help others, not only because I'm a Survivor, but because I have seen the sad part of what a program has done to a victim. I have witnessed child abuse in front of advocates/staff in a shelter, I have seen repression towards the clientele. Some of the clients are being forced to go to graduations and banquets to make the program look good. I believe that women empowerment stands for everything, not only half. I recently went to a meeting with a colleague of mine about budget cuts on some of these programs. When I gave my insights on how to be able to convince the Legislative why we need the funding, the other advocates did not hear me. One of the suggestions I had made, was to get feedback from clients in the shelter of what is needed for them and their families. I believe that if a client is going to be a resident at the shelter, than it is important to at least hear what they have to say? I've seen this type of power and control in other non-profit organizations and I wanted to see if you could help me at least find a common ground of some comfort level for the clienteles and be able to still have the title: Advocate and really be proud of the position instead in control. I have attached my summary of my story and I've sent copies to 20/20 and Oprah. I've received feedback from 20/20 and they are interested in having in interview with me in June. I would like to help out with the community, not because I'm a survivor, but because I believe in Women's Empowerment and what it really stands for. I do hope that you'll take the time out to listen. I believe it's so important that someone does. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Chong Kim

-- Anonymous, April 08, 2003


I cannot wait to her what kind of response you receive from 20/20. I have an Aunt who's husband has been administering poison to her over the past. She is 68 years old. She's tried telling everyone and no one listens. None of the agencies set up for protection of the elderly, not her doctor, the police, poison control agencies, her sons, minister's, local newspaper... no one acts like she has a problem! I've tried call everyone I can think of, every agency I've been referred to and every refferal they offered. Still no one cares. She's being treated no differently than if she casually stated "I think I'll have a berger for dinner".

Even after his last attempt, where he left her at home alone while he went out to breakfast and hoped to come home and find her dead! God's grace is all that saved her. She had enough strengh to call 911. Her life was saved. She insisted her sons come and take their father to their home. She came home from the hospital alone and is recouping. Still.... no one but me believes her. There's no help from anyone but God.

She made a police report in the hospital. They said, "Well, if anything happens to you this report will not go unnoticed!" OK she has to die first? The newspaper said unless he was charged with something they couldn't write a story. The only way to charge him is to have a test done to prove she was poisoned. Her doctor refuses to do a test unless she knows what specific type of pesticide poison he used. He didn't come in and tell her what he was using so that's a little tough to come up with.

Everyone passes the buck on to the next person. No one evens thinks twice about the fact he left her at home in such a terrible state and she would have died had she not had enough strength and sense to call 911. Especially since she's saying to anyone who'll listen "MY HUSBAND TRIED TO KILL ME WITH PESTICIDE POISONING!"

I'm appauled at the void in this matter for finding help. Has anyone else had this problem or any similar problem with being ignored by all the government agencies and medical profession? Just interested in knowing is there others suffering.... I can't help but wonder how many have died and no one cares?

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2003

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