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i need to know how Edgar Allan Poe's life influenced his writing! please e~mail me as soon as possible! i need to know this! if you do know just e~mail me! and thank you SO much

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2003


I had read somewhere that Poe drank WormWood, it is a powerful drink that causes you to hallucinate. The drink is also very poisonness, and can cause mental problems. Like I mentioned, I just read this I can't say for fact or fiction. "Believe it or Not".

"Sleep, those little slices of death, how I loathe them." - Edgar Allen Poe-

Richard R.

-- Anonymous, April 08, 2003

Edgar Allan Poe's life influenced his writing because he had a very harsh and torchured life. So he decided to write and expess his feelings and his love in his writing.

You better send me a check for my help! -Just Kidding!

Just some advice: You should really invest in a class that helps you learn how to capitalize the right words!

-- Anonymous, April 08, 2003

well sugar cookie you need to invest in a class of insensitivity. the girl just has her own typing ability and you should just lay off.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2003

hahaha amen! so what if the right words arent capitolized:)

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2003

The person was emailing for help with Poe, not a typing lesson..I believe you have nothing better to do but pick apart others therefore, you need to take a class in manners...

-- Anonymous, April 13, 2003

whoever wrote the answer about the girl needing to take a class on how to capitalize the right words, you need to take a spelling class because you spell torture with a t, not torchure. duh.

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2003

hahaha, I agree with Malarie.

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2003

Don't worry about spelling and punctuaion. The level of literacy in the USA is so low that it doesn't matter anymore. This decadence is also seen in music, motion pictures, television, books, magazines, and so on. If Islam weren't so ridiculous and detestable itself, I would agree with its view on American Culture.

-- Anonymous, September 10, 2004

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