5hp Upgrades (muffler)

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I have a Tecumseh OHH50 engine on my go-kart and I want it to go faster while spending little money. I already have the gear ratio that I want and was wondering if there are any mufflers that can make my engine sound nice and perform well while staying as cheap as possible.

-- Big D (bigdshort@hotmail.com), April 07, 2003


u can buy an exhaust header and it'll flat out make ur go kart sound like a hot rod but it does not increse the hp,well some rqcing headers will encrese hp.they r about $50 dollars but u can get em on ebay for practically nothing

-- go karting (plsenjoime8@aol.com), August 06, 2003.

try aps karting.com they have headers for around 20.00 also change carb to old style tecumseh with screws to adjust low and high side jets

-- dave squires (raptorframing@comcast.net), September 15, 2003.

Just build your own. All you need is some 1" tubing and a piece of flat bar. You use the flat bar to bolt the pipe to the head, that is, with the proper holes and welded stuff. Make the tube like 14" long for the maximum horsepower. It'll sound wicked sweet.

-- Ryan Bloemke (bloemkemo45@msn.com), December 14, 2004.

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