Where is "My ABC"

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Yes where is my ABC ?Up to now we had extensive ABC Coverage Over the week end significant news worthy events took place in Iraq. Other networks provided "breaking News" and other extensive coverage of the events in and around Bagdad - providing news of what one BBC reporter described as the "biggest events of the war so far" Capture of the Airport- US Forces in Bagdad, British Forces take Basra etc My ABC was most conspicious by its absence while all this was being reported as it happened Why?? Did it not suit the very cynical doom and gloom tone and anti - coalition predictions of the ABC's Earlier efforts.(must have been too embarrasing) for some off the presentersand experts to handle To just ignore what happened over the week end as the ABc did -was pathetic and showed again that the ABC is fastlosing credebility and effectiveness as a source of impartial and real time news

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2003



You could drink 4 pints of beer everynight and drive home in your car without a safty belt and never have an accident - you could get lucky.

That does not mean such actions are not reckless. So just because the coalition forces did not get bogged down in Iraq does not mean that the war was a success? How many innocent people died and how many more will die in other conflicts that will result in the precident set by this disgraceful illegal action?

John did the people who marched in record numbers against this war ever question that the US would defeat Iraq? Why did Iraq not use its WMD that the US / UK assured us they knew existed?

You appear to think that the ABC support the anti war lobby well if that is the case ask yourself why the PM was never asked about Israeli UN violation in 4 interviews on the ABC since November? Ask yourself why the ABC did not have any representation from the anti war lobby on its 3 person pro war military panal each and every evening on the 7:30 report while this war was going on? Look at your own self when you make such stupid unsubstantiated allegations as the majority of the coverage on the ABC was a recycle of US / UK news and in stark contrast to the Arab perspective. The French and German position were give no direct access either.

What do you mean by bias?

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2003


I entirely agree with you. The ABC gives very little coverage to European perspectives and Arab perspectives, and a lot of coverage to the US, British and Israeli perspectives.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2003

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