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I have a book of Poe's that cotains only the raven and the bells. It was published by Thomas y. Crowell and company in new york and looks really old but there is no copy right date. How old is this book and is it worth anything?

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2003


No it is just probley worn away it won't be worth anything all the ones worth something are in the muesum.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2003

All the ones worth something definitely AREN'T in the museums - lost treasures of all sorts are found all the time.

Unfortunately, however, not by you. Not this time, anyway. The lack of a copyright date implies it is just a common copy of no particular value BUT, what the heck, I certainly could be wrong. You might look up the publishers for more info. Just because it looks old doesn't mean it's valuable, though. My guess would be that your greatest value would be from reading the poems.

Good luck.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2003

ofcourse it is worth something! it is probaly one of the very first few copies, to not have a copy right date. others say its not worth something, probaly because they are jealous, good luck on the research!

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2003

Crowell was a reprint house, and their Poe books date back to about 1890. As more than 40 years after Poe's death, and just one of hundreds of reprints, they are not first printings and generally not significant books in terms of information or money. Their value is marginal. On the other hand, in 1902 they printed the 17-volume Harrison edition of Poe's works, which is an important and fairly valuable set.

-- Anonymous, May 19, 2003

Does anyone know where I could possibly find Tamerlane?

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2004

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