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I went in 1999. Not knowing what to expect. I was part of the Giant Flaming Anus project, although I was only involved in the end. lol. I cooked for a huuuuge camp and got to experience something magical. I loved it. I was inspired beyond belief. I do not care that it cost a small fortune to go - and that is unfortunate-but all the same..IT WAS SO INCREDIBLE! I hope to make it back on my own next time - most likley in 2004. Unsure of what kind of instillation I will try to do. Take care everyone, if anyone has picture to share I am intrested. I have been over and over the official site.

- Be good to yourself

-- Michelle (TitaniumSwirl@hotmail.com), April 06, 2003



I took this at the 2000 man.

(the small pic of the man standing with his head in a ball...)

-- Eye (mc@mcvisuals.com), July 24, 2003.

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