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I found a good program to burn VCD.it's easy to used. VCDBurning (Shareware) allows you to play your videos (from DV camcorder, DivX, DVD,...[once encoded to MPEG, with for example the excellent and free TMPGEnc]) on most of the home DVD/VCD Players. How VCDBurning allows you to build easily VideoCDs (VCD1.1/VCD2.0/SVCD)! All you need to do is to provide VCDBurning with MPEG/MPG files compliant with the VideoCD specifications (see below). You can simply select (VideoCD ready) MPEG/MPG files and click the 'Burn' button and after a while you can get your own VCD.

check here: http://www.myzips.com/details.phtml?swid=10279

-- DesertMan (xiaodawei@sina.com), April 05, 2003

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