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Let me begin by saying I think of Bill Dickens as my biological brother. He and his wonderful wife Jenny are apart of my family. So when the phone rang saturday morning at 8:15 AM, I thought "who in their right mind would call me this early on saturday morning" so I thought it must be a member of my church who needed their pastor. I had been up late friday night working on my sermon and did not get to bed until 3 am. I answered the phone and it is my brother Bill. Now keep in mind it is 10:15 am his time. He is bright eyed and busy taled when I said Bill "It is early I am sleep, he said "It is time to get up you have things to do!" He called and woke me up with scripture and praising God for our beloved Rev. Fisher. For those who have not spoken to bill Dickens he has a wonderful voice that reminds me of Paul Robeson. What a great way to start my day especially since this is the day that Rev. Fisher was laid to rest. Bro. Bill is a very spiritual man and he loves everyone on this board deeply. He wanted to also talk to me about keeping this board going. I just want to say to Bro. Bill, thank you and your wife Jenny for welcoming me and my daughter into the denomination. We will never forget that. And Bill even remembered my daughter's birthday and they too talked. We only see the professor Bill on this board but there is also a powerful man of God, who walks with God and spends his time in prayer for all of us. I share this story to say that we can tell the same story about all of us who post or read this board. Rev. Fisher knew we were out there and provided a way for us to be connected. Bill has a big heart and so do all of you. I am happy that I have a friend who would take the time to call and remember my daughter's birthday. And remind me the comforting power of our God. I love my biological brother Bill!

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2003



I offer no apology for waking you up on a Saturday morning. Just like Jesus invited himself to Zaccheus' house, I made the unilateral decision to call at a time I felt appropriate. It was a delight chatting with you and my fellow A.U. Eagle, Dannielle. We shared fond memories of Wash DC, AU and student groups/organizations. I believe Dannielle should really consider pursuing her theological studies at the University of Denver. I recommended UD based on my knowledge of their School of Theology and their Law School. Also, Condeleeza Rice is one of the many distinguished alumns of UD.

Jesus once stated, in one of the Gospels, "work while there is day for night itme cometh and no man can work". I accomplish more by 11:00AM than most folks can by 6:00PM. The key is not necessarily working harder but working smarter :-) QED

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2003

What a joy my brother Bill is to me and my daughter. And you can tell he is my brother for he felt I should be up doing work for the Lord! Bro. Bill Bishop Bryant has suggested Princeton for your niece as a graduate school. For the field of theology that she is going into Princeton or Harvard would be the best schools. Our Bishop is very knowledgeable about the curriculum's of the seminaries and it is great to have a Bishop who cares about the theological education and where his students attend. If it were not for this discussion board I would not know my brother Bill or my sister Jenny his wife and their kids. Everybody on the board know Bill, but I get him as my biological brother. Yahoo! And I have to tell everyone that after I got off the phone with Bill, I felt guilty that I had slept so long;-) Bill thank you so much for taking the time to discuss with my daughter her choices regarding graduate schools. And encouraging her to continue her studies. It meant a lot to her that you did that for her. And she thinks of you as her uncle.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2003

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