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'detective story', 3rd of 4 free anime shorts is now online at ! check it out, it's awesome!


-- A.Beaverhousen (, April 05, 2003


Wow, absolutely beautiful, oozing with style! Can anyone else think of another monochrome japanimation piece?

-- scottai (, April 10, 2003.

So, um, nobody else has an opinion on the new animatrix short Detective Story? A brand new animation piece by Shinichiro Watanabe, the Cowboy Bebop director, done almost entirely in monochrome? hmmm...

-- scottai (, April 16, 2003.

I guess I can comment. I only have a dreamlike image of it, because the computers I have access to here can't get the sound to work on these things. I liked seeing an animated Trinity (I assume that was Trinity, anyway). Otherwise, there wasn't much there that jumped out at me. I remember lots of long, relatively still frames, which I guess means that there was some exposition or narration going on. That doesn't strike me as too exciting, but maybe the sound adds a lot. I really should wait till I get the DVD.

-- Mat Rebholz (, April 16, 2003.

Love the grainy effect they added to the filter of the whole animated short-film. It gave it that "gritty-no-way-out" look to it. First time diving into it, I honestly didn't know how created it so I suspected it would be the guys who worked on Cowboy Bebop. Thanx to your post, it's now official to me that they were the culprits! Bravo to them! The narration is ok, I love the voice cameo of Morphious, and the appearance cameo of Trinity. Oops did I spoil anything for anyone? Well just watch it and hear it. Yes, for this piece, the sound did come in handy. Even the soundtrack exhaggerated the mood which was a good thing! Unlike the "Program" episode where it had no story wut-so-ever. The animation wasn't even all that for it. Whow, two half wit samurai's that could barely use a friggin sword. LoL. Anyways, I spoken too much, i'm out...peace....and if he ever ask you.....Take the red pill!!!

-- Toan (, April 18, 2003.

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