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I called Philip Greenspun who is the host and owns our discussion board and several others. He is a professor at MIT and is a wonderful person. He sends his condolescences to Rev. Fisher's family and to the A.M.E discussion board. I asked him what we should do next. He told me there is NO FEE FOR THE DISCUSSION BOARD. It is free! The only thing that we would need to do is decided on a moderator and email this info to Mr. Greenspun. The Moderator would be responsible for deleting inappropiate messages, old threads and would get email alerts from him when messages are posted. So A.M.E family as Robert Matthews stated so eloquently in another post "God has continued to provide a way for this board to stay up" thank you Robert for your faith!!! I told Mr. Greenspun I would email him when a decision is made. So let us pray about who the Moderator should be. God bless all of you.

-- Anonymous, April 04, 2003


To God Be the Glory

Thank You Rev. Denise This is indeed great news. Your faith and the faith of our BBoard family may keep us going for quite some time. I agree we must not forget Dorian and her schooling. Thank You Robert and all of you who continue to pray.

This may be the time to consider the BBoard family definately meeting in Philadelphia for the June meeting. Maybe we could meet Sis. Jan and the family ourselves.

God Bless You all

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2003

Bro. Nalton it is my pleasure to help our ame-today family in any way that I can. It was also wonderful to thank Dr. Greenspun for the creation of this type of bulletin boards. I also shared with him the wonderful friendships and ministries that have been enriched by this board. Rev. Fisher left us a wonderful legacy! I agree that we should have an ame-today reunion and perhaps it should be in philly. June 2003 does not give us that much time to plan. Also if we wait it allows time for sis. Jan to have time to heal. The next couple of months she will need letters of love and support. I am in Montana so wherever we have the reunion it will be far away for me;-) and expensive. It is expensive flying out of Montana. I don't know why, my town of 3o,000 has it's own airport and four major airlines. We need to keep Sis. Jan, Rev. Fisher's mother in our prayers and ask for a volunteer to be moderator.

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2003

Wonderful news to know that the Discussion Board will remain up. We should also consider what we must do to keep the site functioning as well. I believe it is a great idea for us to meet in Philadelphia.

For the Kingdom, Rev. GWilson

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2003

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