Burning it onto a VCD?

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I need help on burning the MPEG-1 file onto the CR-R...

I cant use my NeroBurning rom to encode it because i cant change its resolution, where the original size is sorta Movie size resolution. So i haveta use TPMGEnc to encode it into the size i want it, now i have problems with how to make it into a VCD...

-- Ratix Alvein (ratix0@mail.com), April 04, 2003


http://www.vcdhelp.com has guides on using TMPGenc, making VCDs, etc.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), April 04, 2003.

But when i put em into my nero burning rom, will they get coded again in another resolution?

-- Ratix Alvein (ratix0@mail.com), April 04, 2003.

when your done encodind your mpeg make bin files and cue sheets out of it with a program called vcd easy you can get it in a sight called dvd r help , com goto there tools section they have good guides to show you how to use that. When you are done making your cue sheets open nero use the file open in the top corner scroll down and find burn image click on it find where you put your cue sheet click on cue sheet click burn and there will be an error message that will come up for you to finalize the disc click yes it will burn and play good. If you have any more questions just email me and i will be glad to help you.

-- cb (sparky92@ptd.net), April 04, 2003.

Blurs... but if i just use Nero burning rom's burning to burn it as Video CD, with the .mpg files, will it be reencoded?

-- Ratix Alvein (ratix0@mail.com), April 04, 2003.

that is a yes and no answer . yes it is reencoded to nero specs but technically it is still vcd compatible. so the answer is no, you can use it that way but i personally had an issue with playback problems, vcd playing to slow the other way i have stated you can make your own cue points in the vcd ( number points you can scan to on your vcd ) so goog luck and happy burning.

-- cb (sparky92@ptd.net), April 04, 2003.

Thanks anyway, i've burned and my VCD player plays it perfectly ^_^


-- Ratix Alvein (ratix0@mail.com), April 06, 2003.

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