LOMO LC-A for Sale

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Hello, I have a LOMO LC-A 35mm Compact Automat that I would like to sell off. Please forward your offers to me. Thanks. $230.

-- revered (revered@singnet.com.sg), April 03, 2003


Hi. How old is your LOMO LC-A 35mm?

Is there any place in Singapore that sells lomos?

-- Samuel Ng (idunbite@hotmail.com), April 20, 2003.

Dinki Di Store at collyer quay sells 1980s made in the soviet union for about $120 each (last time i checked last yr). but beware of the the well-known sticky shutter problem...

-- terence (sojourner@scribble.nu), April 28, 2003.

Samuel,u can find a lot of lomo cameras at Ffurious. 32a sago st.Around chinatown. Tel:62250887.Contact Melvyn Lim.

-- david (davidloo13@yahoo.com), November 09, 2003.

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