Burning VCD's using two drives.

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I have alot of VCD's to burn. I also have two CDRW drives, one internal and one external, and I have Nero. Is there a way to set up Nero when I am copying discs to read from one drive and burn on another so I can cut my time in half. Thanks

-- (smonahan@edinboro.edu), April 03, 2003


If your two CD writers are properly installed, When you click "COPY CD" option with Nero, you will be asked which is your read and write drive and then you can have one drive reading and the other writing on the fly. One down side with this is that if there is any hiccup with copying, then you will end up with one extra coaster. I always do an image copy first and if everything goes fine, then I'll copy the image onto CD.

Hope this helps.

-- Tony (afhung37@hotmail.com), April 04, 2003.

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